Early Review: Cursed by Destiny by Cecy Robson

, by Kt Clapsadl

Cursed by Destiny by Cecy Robson
Weird Girls #3

Celia Wird and her three sisters are just like other 20-something girls—with one tiny exception: they're products of a backfired curse that has given each of them unique powers that make them, well, weird…...

Celia’s a girl in trouble. Her heart is bound to Aric, but he is a pureblood were who must deny her or risk condemning his species to extinction. And that’s just her love life. She’s also been called to take down a group of demon terrorists looking to overthrow the paranormal world. (No pressure.)

In order to bring them down, Celia must ally herself to Misha, the master vampire who has made no secret of his desire for her. And if that weren’t enough misfortune for one girl, a clairvoyant’s prediction could destroy Celia and Aric’s love for good. The only way to protect the world from unbridled supernatural terrorism is for Celia to bind herself to her destined mate. And that doesn’t appear to be Aric….

I absolutely adore Celia. The men in her life, not so much, but I'll get into that messy love fest in a bit. Celia is so utterly strong, yet incredibly vulnerable, that you just can't help getting swept up into her emotions right along with her. And let me tell you, this book was a doozy when it came to rampant emotions! Between Celia, and her sisters if one thing wasn't going wrong another was, making for an incredible amount of heartbreak. But as much as it may pain me (and the characters) that's a sign of a truly fantastic book, when you are so swept up into things that the emotions become your own as well. I think a lot of this strong attachment has to do with the incredibly diverse, yet well fleshed out cast. Not one was two dimensional, not even Celia's teachers who couldn't even speak English. As far as her sisters go, I'm having a hard time deciding who my favorite it. They are all so amazingly unique, from Emme's timidness, to Shayna's spunk, and even to Taran's brashness that's all a front, I adore each one of them.

Now onto the romance. I have to admit that I'm honestly not sure what "team" I am at this point. Both men, Aric and Misha alternated between ticking me off and endearing themselves to me. Honestly if just one of them had of gotten out of their own way, things might have ended up a bit different. Granted I'll admit that I'm leaning towards Aric as there's that whole mate thing going on, and Celia really does love him, but honestly the man needs to grow a set. Or heck here's a solution to their problems, why doesn't the man just donate his little swimmers and they can "repopulate" that way. I mean seriously, I get their race is near extinction, but you would think that would disuage marriage at this point, and more encourage something a bit more causal. Don't get me wrong, I'm not encouraging forced child rearing on the lady weres, but it just strikes me as odd that their solution is to marry all the weres off. Anyway, I digress. As far as Misha, he's a mixed bag as well. He genuinely seems to care about Celia, but he has a really strange way of showing it. He wants to woo her, but never once does he even think about slowing down his womanizing ways. Then when you throw in the third dude (yep that's right, 3rd!) that comes around in this book, and the whole Destiny thing, I'm left thinking Celia might be better off becoming a nun at this point. I'm kidding. Well, mostly. I just think she deserves happiness and a man who will stand with her no matter the opposition.

This series has everything paranormal romance and urban fantasy lovers could possibly want. From Action, to danger, to steamy hot romances, to strong characters and bonds, plus a bit of mystery and politics, what's not to love? I'm only sorry it took me this long to find this series, although it did give me the chance to devour all three books in two days. But now all I want is more, and will be anxiously waiting until I can get my next Weird Girls fixed. Trust me, you won't want to miss this one. 

(Received a copy from the publisher)



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