Early Review: A Cursed Bloodline by Cecy Robson

, by Kt Clapsadl

A Cursed Bloodline by Cecy Robson
Weird Girls #4

The Weird Girls return in another edge-of-your-seat novel from Cecy Robson! Just when Celia thinks the supernatural world can’t turn deadlier, a new rival emerges, proving just how dangerous a power-hungry were can be.

Since being cursed with unique abilities, Celia Wird and her three sisters have fought the most bloodthirsty preternaturals in the Lake Tahoe region. But Celia’s greatest threat is someone she would have never suspected: Anara, a werewolf Elder who has allowed his hatred for Celia to spiral out of control. In a play for dominance, Anara tortures Celia and gives her an ultimatum: sever her mate bond with pureblood were Aric—or Anara will kill everyone she loves.

From the instant they met, Celia and Aric have shared an attraction that cannot be tamed. So keeping Aric away is impossible, and Aric would sooner die than allow anyone to hurt the woman he loves. Misha, master vampire and Celia’s sworn protector, also finds his way into the chaos, seeking blood from those who have harmed her.

Now Celia and her sisters are caught in the middle of a war driven by lust, fueled by hatred, and destined to end in tragedy. For Anara is a force to be reckoned with, and he will not succumb without robbing Celia of those who hold her heart.

Ever heard of too much of a good thing? Well, I feel that's really the case here in A CURSED BLOODLINE when it comes to action. I love action in Urban Fantasy just as much as the next gal, but honestly things were just too over the top in my opinion. There was so much violence, action, danger, and horrors that happened to Celia that I just became numb to it all by the end, leaving things not having the intended impact I think the author was going for. I mean at one point in the book, something truly awful happens in the book, and looking back I realize I should have been devastated, but it only felt slightly worse than par for course as I was reading it. Frankly that was more than a little disappointing because I want to feel things right alongside the characters, and it was just too much negative action happening for it to stay believable. I mean how much can one person truly suffer and continually and almost instantly recover from?

Not only did the massive overload of action and violence keep me feeling separated from the characters, but the overabundance of drama did the same as well. Honestly between all the violence and insanity, and the insane drama and miscommunications it's a wonder there was a single character left standing at the end. I guess I just felt more than a little overwhelmed. I realize that I've said this several times now, but there just was too much going on and nothing really tied any of the elements together, leaving me feeling disconnected as we bounced from one thing to the next. It almost feels like the series may have been cut shorter than the author originally planned, and so she jammed as much of what she wanted to happen before the end into this book as she could. I'm not saying that's definitely the case, but it's what it felt like to me. I think even cutting out a 1/3 of the plot lines and mishaps from this book would have gone a long way.

This review has been largely negative, and it's a shame as I really have enjoyed this series. I still love Celia and gang, but this one was a tougher read that I would have preferred. I'm really hoping the next one calms down just a bit and allows more time to focus on what's happening rather than just rushing through everything. In the end, as a fan of these books I'm glad I read this one, but it definitely wasn't my favorite in the series.

(Received a copy from the publisher)


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