2010 Year in Review

, by Kt Clapsadl

Hey guys! I can't believe that it is the end of the year already, but here it is. I just wanted to post a recap of the past year on the blog. I started reading again after not being able to for year because of a vision problem. That all changed when my hubby bought me a kindle, and it has been absolutely wonderful. In fact I was reading so much that in May right after the RT Convention. I decided to start this blog. Here are my accomplishments for the year:

  •  I read 300 books this year. That is just incredible! Sometimes I wish I read a little slower, as my wallet would thank be, but then I wouldn't get to read as many great books either. I'll probably wind up reading a little less in 2011 as the next semester will be absolutely insane, but that is okay because I will finally graduate.
  • I wrote 96 Reviews that posted on the blog, as well as several more that will post in 2011.
  • I hosted two giveaways and I hope to do many more in the upcoming year.

I hope everyone has enjoyed my blog this year, and will continue to in 2011. I hope to keep bringing quality material to you as well as interact with the awesome book blogging community. You guys are really Awesome!!


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