Early Review: Archangel's Prophecy by Nalini Singh

, by Kt Clapsadl

Archangel's Prophecy by Nalini Singh
Guild Hunter #11

Return to New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh’s darkly passionate Guild Hunter world, where human-turned-angel Elena Deveraux, consort to Archangel Raphael, is thrust center stage into an eons-old prophecy....

Midnight and dawn, Elena’s wings are unique among angelkind…and now they’re failing. The first mortal to be turned into an immortal in angelic memory, she’s regressing. Becoming more and more human. Easier to hurt. Easier to kill.

Elena and Raphael must unearth the reason for the regression before it’s too late and Elena falls out of the sky. Yet even as they fight a furious battle for Elena’s very survival, violent forces are gathering in New York and across the world.

In China, the Archangel Favashi is showing the first signs of madness. In New York, a mysterious sinkhole filled with lava swallows a man whole. In Africa, torrential monsoon rains flood rolling deserts. And in Elena’s mind whispers a haunting voice that isn’t her own.

This time, survival may not be possible…not even for the consort of an archangel.

After finishing ARCHANGEL'S PROPHECY all I can say is wow, just wow. That was one heck of a nail-biting and gut-wrenchingly intense read that led up to the cliffhanger to end all cliffhangers. I feel like my insides were put on the puree setting. Honestly I had to wait on this review a good long while after finishing the book because I felt too raw to string coherent thoughts together. Even this far removed from reading, I'm still struggling, but I'll do my best. But the ending has me all out of sorts. In fairness the events of the book did continually warn the reader, but I held out hope until the bitter end that author would somehow put a twist and change things before the end. Don't get me wrong, I have high hopes for the next book for that much needed twist to come (I hope) but the wait will be agonizing. 

Getting past the ending. The book was utterly fantastic, simply put. Elena and Raphael are still dealing with all of the insane effects from the Cascade, but the stakes have been raised even higher with the advent of this horrible prophecy looming over their heads. It's a doozy and dominates a lot of the focus of the book, but there's so much more intertwined through out too. I truly have to give props to the author in her ability to masterfully craft such and amazingly emotional story that affected me so much. I truly adore these characters and each book feels like returning home to much loved family. 

All in all ARCHANGEL'S PROPHECY was one heck of a phenomenal read. I make have wanted to chuck my kindle at the end, but I loved every single moment of the book. My hat goes off to Nalini, and I will be counting down until I can get my hands on the next book. Bravo Ms. Nalini, Bravo!

(Received a copy from the publisher)


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Early Review: Fury by Rachel Vincent

, by Kt Clapsadl

Fury by Rachel Vincent
Menagerie #3

1986: Rebecca Essig leaves a slumber party early but comes home to a massacre—committed by her own parents. Only one of her siblings has survived. But as the tragic event unfolds, she begins to realize that other than a small army of six-year-olds, she is among very few survivors of a nationwide slaughter.

The Reaping has begun.

Present day: Pregnant and on the run with a small band of compatriots, Delilah Marlow is determined to bring her baby into the world safely and secretly. But she isn’t used to sitting back while others suffer, and she’s desperate to reunite Zyanya, the cheetah shifter, with her brother and children. To find a way for Lenore the siren to see her husband. To find Rommily’s missing Oracle sisters. To unify this adopted family of fellow cryptids she came to love and rely on in captivity.

But Delilah is about to discover that her role in the human versus cryptid war is destined to be much larger—and more dangerous—than she ever could have imagined.

How do you review a book and trilogy that on one hand kept you hooked from the very first page of book 1 until the last page of final book, yet leaves you feeling completely bereft in the end? The writing, story, and characters were all phenomenal, but I have more than a little bit of leanings towards bitterness with the way everything turned out in the end. I won't spoil things, but was the ending more realistic than many series that get wrapped up in a neat little bow in the end? Yes, perhaps. But I'll admit, I like my neat bows, and tidy endings as I read for an escape from reality. Fury's ending, while fitting for the series when I attempt to take an emotional step back, left me too raw to even grudgingly admit it could have been the right one. And perhaps that in itself is a win for the book. A book that doesn't emotionally grip you cannot never be fantastic, and this one, well lets just say it chewed me up and spat me out.

Getting past that ending and back to the rest of the actual book, FURY was told in alternating timelines, which I really enjoyed. The past timeline gave a better insight into the reaping, but also held very relevant to current events and situations. I really enjoyed the twists and turns these dual timelines revealed the further the book went along. Prior to this glimpse into the the time of the reaping it was easy to see humanity as evil based upon their treatment of the Cryptids. And yet with the new perspective and insight it became more gray. I'm not defending humanity in this book, but after seeing through someone's eyes "firsthand" it changed my perspective a bit. I don't condone the behavior, but a part of me understands that fear. Which again, that's a major compliment to Rachel's writing in her ability to make this reader feel so many different and complicated emotions.

Reservations on the ending aside, Rachel Vincent has written one heck of a profoundly thought provoking trilogy. I'm very glad I read this series and I highly recommend this read!

(Received a copy from the publisher)


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Review: Lionheart by Thea Harrison

, by Kt Clapsadl

Lionheart by Thea Harrison
Moonshadow #3

King Oberon reigned over his Dark Court in Lyonesse for centuries, until an assassination attempt laid him low. Now he lies unconscious in his snow-bound palace, while his Power battles the enchantment that threatens to end his life.

A skilled trauma surgeon and magic-user, Dr. Kathryn Shaw reigns at the top of her profession in New York. Then comes a challenge she can’t resist—she is asked to cure the uncureable. Just getting close enough to try healing Oberon is a dangerous proposition. When she does reach him, he awakens too soon.

Roused from darkness by Kathryn’s presence, Oberon confronts the beautiful stranger who claims she wants to save his life. But the enchantment has frozen his emotions. How can he learn to trust her when he can’t feel anything?

Oberon’s desire is icy, devoid of all tenderness. Not only must Kathryn match wits with him, she must also fight her reaction to his touch, because there is so much more at stake than her own endangered heart.

For the Dark Court faces its most deadly peril yet. Its ancient enemy Isabeau, Queen of the Light Court, is obsessed with its annihilation, and Oberon must be brought to remember his loyalty and affection for his people.

Because if he won’t fight for them, Lyonesse itself may very well be destroyed…

Man do I love a grumpy, surly hero. Oberon in many respects has filled the "hole" left behind with Dragos no longer getting featured books. There's just something so yummy about reading a book with such an "overbearing" hero and the tough as nails heroine that tames them. LIONHEART more than delivered in this aspect. Kathryn is the match for Oberon and then some. She gives as good as she gets and I truly enjoyed watching these two dance around each other. Their romance was a slow but fierce burn, exactly perfect for the pair.

Aside from the romance, the rest of the world, characters, and plotline were all fantastic as well. The war with Isabeau has come to a boiling head, ratcheting up the intensity. And the sideline characters added a richness to the story. I have to admit the Puck stole the show for me. I want to see him grow and heal, and maybe some day find love of his own. Hopefully he's on the author's mind for the future!

I've really enjoyed the Moonshadow trilogy and I can only hope Thea changes her mind and decides to continue this spin off series. I love these characters, and all of the Elder races books. Regardless, if Thea writes it, I'll be first in line to read it. Fans of the Elder Races will be more than pleased with LIONHEART and will want this one on their e-reader asap!

(Received a copy from the author)


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Release Day Review: Kill the Queen by Jennifer Estep

, by Kt Clapsadl

Kill the Queen by Jennifer Estep
Crown of Shards #1

Gladiator meets Game of Thrones: a royal woman becomes a skilled warrior to destroy her murderous cousin, avenge her family, and save her kingdom in this first entry in a dazzling fantasy epic from the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Elemental Assassin series—an enthralling tale that combines magic, murder, intrigue, adventure, and a hint of romance.

In a realm where one’s magical power determines one’s worth, Lady Everleigh’s lack of obvious ability relegates her to the shadows of the royal court of Bellona, a kingdom steeped in gladiator tradition. Seventeenth in line for the throne, Evie is nothing more than a ceremonial fixture, overlooked and mostly forgotten.
But dark forces are at work inside the palace. When her cousin Vasilia, the crown princess, assassinates her mother the queen and takes the throne by force, Evie is also attacked, along with the rest of the royal family. Luckily for Evie, her secret immunity to magic helps her escape the massacre.

Forced into hiding to survive, she falls in with a gladiator troupe. Though they use their talents to entertain and amuse the masses, the gladiators are actually highly trained warriors skilled in the art of war, especially Lucas Sullivan, a powerful magier with secrets of his own. Uncertain of her future—or if she even has one—Evie begins training with the troupe until she can decide her next move.

But as the bloodthirsty Vasilia exerts her power, pushing Bellona to the brink of war, Evie’s fate becomes clear: she must become a fearsome gladiator herself . . . and kill the queen.

I love Jennifer Estep's writing, so when I saw there was a new series coming from her, I was more than a little excited. I love all the possibilities new worlds bring and KILL THE QUEEN more than delivered. This story is told in three parts, and I really enjoyed the way each new part built upon the last as a new step/stage in Evie's story. She goes from all but a scared, timid little mouse, to a fierce contender by the end, and it was really enjoyable to see her growth. It's always enjoyable to have a character that's easy to root for.

The world behind this book was intriguing as well. It's high fantasy, but it wasn't bogged down with a whole lot of complicated difference from ours, and as such I had no trouble sliding right into the story. Magic is commonplace in this world, and a powerful currency. Add that to the court intrigue and gladiator style and this made for one heck of a rich world.

On the romance side of things, there isn't much going on, but there's definitely potential for the future. As much as I enjoy a great romance, I felt in this case the slow progression/hints at something more for the future was handled very well. Considering the circumstances all of these characters are under, I don't know that anything faster would have been believable, so I really appreciated the super slow hints of a burn.

All in all, KILL THE QUEEN is one heck of a kick off to the Crown of Shards series that you won't want to miss. Very well written, and kept me hooked from page one, grab this one up right now!

(Received a copy from the publisher)


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