long drive home

, by Kt Clapsadl

Well I'm currently on the extremely long drive home from Alabama. We stayed at a hotel last night to help break it up, but it just feels like its taking forever. We spent three days in panama city beach Florida. The beaches down there are absolutely amazing with the clear blue water and white sand. Plus, the water is warm, which is an amazing concept when you are used to ocean city md and the cold water there even in the middle of the summer. I didn't get much reading in this week for obvious reasons, but I did read the final book in the Riley Jensen series. I hate when a series ends, but I understand the author's decision to end it on a good note and not drag it out unrealistically.

I am currently reading My Soul to Keep by Rachel Vincent. A major bomb shell was just dropped and I'm still stunned even tho I read that part last night. Honestly I don't see how the issue is going to get resolved, but I guess I'm going to have to read and find out.
*Edit* Well, I finished the book, and well, the issue didn't really get resolved. Things were left in limbo. I have mixed feelings about the path this book took, but I am proud of Kaylee for standing up for herself. The person she should be able to count on the most betrayed her, but instead of breaking down shes pushing through and will come out the other side stronger.

On a side note, Bullet by Laurell K Hamilton comes out on Tuesday. I really wanted to reread all the books before reading the new one but I doubt I'm going to have the patience to considering there are 19 of them. Oh well we shall see.

Jeaniene Frost

, by Kt Clapsadl

I'm just popping on here quick to post a link for a contest. Its an interview that Jeaniene Frost (My fav author) did with Jack Sparrow. Its pretty funny. Enjoy. :)



, by Kt Clapsadl

So this past weekend we went down to the park, and the kids went fishing. Yesterday I got my hair highlighted. Not sure what happened but let me say.. woah.. blonde. Not sure if I like it this light. It is definitely going to take some getting used to.

I'm crazy busy getting ready for vacation. So thats all for now.

Gettin Ready for the Weekend

, by Kt Clapsadl

Last night I finished the third book in Vicki Pettersson's Zodiac series. All I can say is WOW! I just cannot believe Oliva gave him up. I know it was the right thing to do and would be the best thing to protect him, but still. Bah!

Anyway, not going to get any reading in today. I have to pack everything up to go to the park this weekend. We are picking up Pius's lil step sister and taking her with us for the weekend. The girls and him are going to go fishing at O'Dark hundred Sunday morning. More power to them. My dad, Austin, and I are going to do the SMART thing and sleep in. Hehe.

Zodiac Series

, by Kt Clapsadl

I just finished the second book in the Zodiac series by Vicki Pettersson. The book was really slow for the first 3/4 and then WHAM! There was a big shocker at the end there and I cannot wait to see what the main character does about it.

Finished my last final yesterday. I'm still managing to keep my 4.0 GPA, and with the kids... well that's just not exactly easy ;)

Well, I'm off to read book three in the series after I get the kids their lunch and put them down for a nap.. Ah gotta love nap time.

Morgan Kingsley

, by Kt Clapsadl

I finished the last three books in the Morgan Kingsley series by Jenna Black. It seems the fifth book was the final in the series. The main plot crisis was resolved, but there are a few things that seem to be lacking. I think the relationship between Morgan and Lugh, her demon, could have been more firmly resolved. Lugh may love her, but she continues to hold him "at arms length" even though she cares for him deeply. I just wish their relationship would have solidified more.

Yesterday my mom and tore my house apart. It was crazy messy from moving the bed downstairs so everything has kinda been "in limbo" for a few months. Well, now everything is all organized. But man am I sore! Lifting and moving furniture and boxes is not fun.

I'm not really sure what I want to read next. There are a couple series that I feel I am still hanging, just waiting for the next book to come out and answer questions. Its making it hard for me to get into another series at the moment. I'm torn between Jeanne C Stein's Anna Strong Series and Vicki Pettersson's Zodiac Series. Oh well, I'll figure it out later. I need to take my final today, so enough on here. ;)

Catch Up

, by Kt Clapsadl

Well, I have two books I need to get caught up with on here. This weekend we went down to the permanent campground we have in West Virginia. This place is on a peninsula and its 400 acres. Its a private park with all the sites privately owned. We have two 30' campers with huge pavilions/decks. The kids love it down there. The hubby brought his bike down with the little trailer for the kids to ride in. Its such a cute little buggy for the bike to pull. Mother's day was nice. We had a good breakfast and then headed home. After the kid's nap we headed over to Hubby's Grandmother's house. Then later my parents watched the kids and Pius and I went to the movies. We saw Iron Man 2. I have to say I was surprised. I thought the first movie was decent, but this one blew it out of the water.

Now onto the books from this weekend. I did not feel like trying to post about them from my phone. Touch screen keyboards just take too long to type on for my patience. Texting is fine, but to write an entire blog, bah!

First up is Melissa Marr's Radiant Shadows. This is the fourth book in the series. I fine the series interesting, but a little disappointing. Each book has its own set of main characters even though it does continue on the plot from the previous book. I think I am just a little frustrated because I want more from the two main characters from the first book. However, putting that aside this book has really tied up a lot of issues from the previous books, but only seems to be the "calm before the storm." I have a feeling the next book is going to have a lot going on.

The second book is by Jenna Black, The Morgan Kingsley series. This series is based on a world where demons possess people legally. Now, these demons are NOT the devil nor do they have anything to do with Satan or Hell. They are just creachers from another plane. The main character is Morgan, and she is an exorcist. She hates the demons with a passion for just the simple fact that giving up control is the worst possible thing imaginable. Unfortunately she becomes possessed by the king of all demons because of an attempt to assassinate him. Luckily for Morgan she is special and he cannot take control of her. I finished the second book yesterday, The Devil you Know. Morgan had a "hunter" demon after her, and as a result, some really nasty things happen, which made me sad. I am almost through the third book, and a lot is going on. Its time to get back to it. :)

Dead in the Family

, by Kt Clapsadl

So I just finished Charlaine Harris's Dead in the Family. Overall it was a good book, a little slow and not much really happened. It mostly was a character building book that tied up a lot of loose ends. I was really happy to find out that Eric really was forced, as in held prisoner, to not go to Sookie when she needed him in the last book. It cleared up almost a sense of betrayal. Unfortunately, there just wasn't enough of Eric and Sookie together overall in this book. I have a funny feeling that the book was starting to set us up for there end and that just sucks cuz we know my feelings about heartbreak. I think the book would have been perfect if we could have had more of them together, even if in the end they wind up splitting. It just made the book feel like it was lacking a key part.

Tonight the kids and I are going to see my Grandmother and her Cousin Rosy. Rosy is actually my mother's Godmother, and her and I were always close. She hasn't met Austin (Boo Boo) yet, so that's going to be really nice. Jaden and I need to get to the craft store later to find something to make for my Mom for Mother's day. Mom has always liked things that were handmade, so I think that's our best option.

We are taking a vacation to see my really good friend Reva (Munster) in a couple of weeks. We just realized that the oil spill will probably hit the beach down there so that really stinks, but its still going to me awesome to get down there. I miss her so much since she moved down to FL/AL. Only 15 days till we leave!

Much better

, by Kt Clapsadl

I just finished Succubus Heat and Succubus Shadows. It seems my perseverance to stick with the series even with the disappointment of heartbreak has paid off. However, as I predicted, finishing this last book has opened up a whole bunch of impatience to have so many questions tied up. The way things are progressing, it seems my theory about Seth being her husband reincarnated or something is really likely. This series has an amazing plot line that just seems to weave and become more intricate as it unfolds. I really am impressed with Richelle Mead's creativity. When I met her last week I had only read the first succubus book, but after reading the rest I can see why she had such a crazy turn out for the book signing. I really am anticipating reading her two other series. I want to finish one of the many other series I had only read one book from to prepare for the convention. I figured I would most likely not get a chance to meet that many authors at once again. So, I tried to find as many new authors in my preferred genre that would be there. I read one book from each of them to get a "taste" you could say. Considering I generally go through at least a book a day, I am always on the look out for new authors. Back to my love for kindle, without it, my bank account could not support this "habbit." As it is, I'm sure it thanks me when I am busy with the kids or have a lot of schoolwork and cannot read as much. ;)

As far as my next book, well I think I am going to dive into Charlaine Harris's new book. Unfortunately I cannot purchase this book on the kindle because some stupid price war is going on between Amazon and the publisher. I could have bought it from Barnes and Noble and read it on the computer, but I refuse to support the publishers actions. Luckily Amazon offered the hardcover for the same as what the kindle version would have been. Ahh.. Eric ;)

Succubus Dreams

, by Kt Clapsadl

So last night I finished Succubus Dreams by Richelle Mead. I cried near the end, it was terrible. I love books where the main characters have issues, and nothing goes right, but heartbreak? No, I hate that. It just wrenches at me. I know I should be used to it by now, but whenever this comes up in a series, it makes me just want to quit reading them. Luckily I have always forced myself to keep reading, and in the end things turn out. Maybe not for the better in my opinion, but at least some of the sting of the heartache fades. Take the Sookie Stackhouse series for example. I was so upset to find out Bill had been betraying her the whole time, but now she is with Eric and that actually seems better. I think the hardest for me to swallow was when Kisten died in Kim Harrison' Rachel Morgan series. I cried for a really long time over that one. I know I am silly, but I still hold out some crazy hope that he will come back somehow, that or she ends up with Trent.

Anyway back to the book of the day. Even though they have split, for some crazy reason I just do not see it as permanent. This is the fourth book in the series, and all along there has been hints and allusions to there being something more between them. I may just be nuts but I am thinking Seth just might be either her husband or her original lover reincarnated from the past. Then there is the issue about her contract, something from that time is an issue today. The sixth book is supposed to come out next year. I have a feeling I will be really anxious for it once I finish the 4th and 5th books. But, then again waiting for things has never been one of my strengths.

Romantic Times

, by Kt Clapsadl

So, I decided to start a blog. Yeah, I know I've done these things many times in the past, but never seem to stick with them. We shall see if this time I do.

This past weekend my hubby and I went to the RT convention in Ohio. I got to meet a lot of my favorite authors. In the end I got book signed from 16 different authors. The place was crazy packed, but I actually got to meet everyone I wanted to except for JR Ward. Her lines were crazy long, as in when I went to get a number they offered me 1500, but they were only in the 800s.

I also got a some pics with a few of my favorites.
Rachel Vincent

Jeaniene Frost

Vicki Pettersson

Richelle Mead

It really was a great weekend. Nice to get away from the kiddos for a little bit. Today was a typical Tuesday morning in that I had my weekly Chiro appointment. However, I felt like dressing nice today, so I french braided my hair and wore a nice outfit with heels. My three year old said "Mommy why are there sticks coming out of your shoes?" As you can tell she does not see me in heels often, let alone stilettos. ;)

So for today that's about it. I think I might start posting blurbs about the books I read. I read crazy fast, and am pretty partial to Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance. Right now I am currently reading Succubus Dreams, the third book in Richelle Mead's Succubus series. So when I finish this book, I'll try and post my own little review.


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