Stealing Time (Early Review)

, by Kt Clapsadl

Stealing Time by Elisa Paige
Time #1

It wasn't that she wanted to live forever. She just didn't want to die.

When artist James Wesley realizes Evie Reed is dying, he is so moved by the beautiful reporter's determination to live that he makes her immortal—a vampire, like him. She's the woman he's been waiting over 150 years for. Though initially shocked by the change, Evie quickly embraces her second chance at life, and love.

Just as James and Evie begin to define eternity together, a zealot breaks an ancient treaty, threatening a peace between humans and vampires that has stood for a thousand years. And when he focuses his hatred on Evie, the immortal lovers find themselves swept up in a deadly supernatural war...

The book starts with Evie getting the worst news of her life, the cancer is terminal and there is nothing they can do. She plans on living out the rest of the time she has left on her terms, but her time comes much quicker than anticipated when a truck hits her cab. To save her life a secret admirer, James, changes her into a vampire. Although her new life is very different and overwhelming at times, she still falls quickly head over heels for him. However, her bliss is cut short when a war breaks out and an ancient treaty is broken. With everything crumbling around them, they must stand strong to have any hope at surviving the war.

Evie had a rough childhood. At a very young age her mother dumped Evie off on the porch of a Grandmother she has never met. While her grandmother did care for her, she wasn't the type to coddle, so Evie grew up keeping herself at a distance from everyone. She struggled at first to accept her feelings for James, but once she did, it felt like a floodgate had opened. I really loved the chemistry between them as well as his determination to be a gentleman. At any point during her vulnerability her could have taken advantage of her weaknesses but he never once thought to despite the fact that is part of a vampire's instinct to claim the ones they turn. They work really well together, they had the comfort that ususally only comes from years spent together. Things were pretty steamy as well, but not overdone.

Something I have always liked in vampire/werewolf books is a very strong mate bond. Most of these type books talk about predator or animal like instincts, so it would make sense for them to be fiercely protective of their mates. Perhaps I am a romantic, but I love the whole "mate for life" idea or soul mates. James and Evie really developed this type of bond and I love how the author made the mate instincts very strong in this book, yet didn't make them seem over done.

Just to warn everyone, this book does have a pretty big cliffhanger ending. I had thought this was a stand alone novel, so the ending really caught me off guard. However, I am glad it will continue as I really enjoyed this book and would love to read more about their adventures. I highly recommend this book for both paranormal romance and urban fantasy fans as this book is a very good blend of both genres. There is plenty of romance, but the plot moves along nicely, and it more than kept my attention. Try this author out, you won't be disappointed.

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  1. Thanks for a great review, I'm checking this one out now. Shari


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