Come on Blogger!!

, by Kt Clapsadl

So I'm sure many of you have noticed that the scheduling function on Blogger hasn't been working properly for over a week now. Honestly, I am at my wits end. They said they rolled out a fix for it. Nope still doesn't work. Then I read around and people were saying it was working on newly written posts, but not the old scheduled ones. So you know what I did? I copy and pasted each individual post I had written into a new post. (Considering, I am mostly scheduled out through the entire month of May, this took me a good long while.) So I figured everything would be fixed. So when I got up this morning and saw that my review of Black Dawn had not posted as scheduled, the words coming out of my mouth were not the prettiest. So I'm writing this post now, and scheduling it for a few minutes later to see what happens.

I have to tell you, Wordpress is looking more and more attractive. Honestly if GFC still worked over there I would have switched a long time ago.

What are your thoughts on this issue? Is it as big of a problem to you guys as it is me, since I rely on that scheduling feature so much, or are you more of a pantser when it comes to posting?

*UPDATE: Okay tell me something, why does this scheduled post work, but not others? I'm about ready to tear out my hair!!!

*UPDATE 4/30: Scheduling is still not working, not even on newly written posts :( 
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