Review: Fury of the Demon by Diana Rowland

, by Kt Clapsadl

Fury of the Demon by Diana Rowland
Kara Gillian #6

Demon summoner Kara Gillian bears the scars of Rhyzkahl’s treachery, but she refuses to let them slow her down. She and the demonic lord Mzatal have not rested in their efforts to recover Idris—Mzatal’s summoner protégé who was kidnapped by enemy lords—but now their search has brought them back to Earth.

With the help of FBI agents Ryan Kristoff and Zack Garner, they begin to track down summoners who are working with Rhyzkahl. However, Kara knows Ryan’s true identity, and questions of loyalty threaten to tear apart this group of allies. When Kara intervenes to help a brilliant young computer expert and his bodyguard after an accidental shooting, she quickly learns that Rhyzkahl’s machinations run deeper than she could have ever imagined. The search for Idris takes on a desperate edge as their enemies increase in number, and Kara realizes that an old homicide case may hold the key to their success—or their doom.

With the very fabric of the universe at stake, Kara must rely on her skills, wit, and luck to save her friends and her world, yet ancient vows will have to be broken if she is to have any hope.

But the price of breaking those vows may be her own blood.

Fair warning, this review is going to be more about my feelings rather than anything that actually happened as honestly the entire book is pretty much one giant spoiler. There's so much going on, and the early events greatly impact the latter ones as it's all woven into a very engaging read that kept me sucked completely in from the start. While the previous installment was enjoyable, I was glad to see things back on Earth as much less time was spent in the Demon Realm. It was good to see Kara getting back into her element, even if things have changed. There's definitely an adjustment period as she's still coming to terms with what happened to her in the previous book as well as the changes back home. But that being said, as hard as everything is and will be, she'll only be stronger for it, and I've only grown to love her more.

Now onto the romance aspects. As usual with this series, things are kinda all over the place. Typically I'm not one for characters being caught between men or jumping back and forth, but that being said, I think it kinda works here. Sure Kara does seem a bit promiscuous, BUT when you take everything into account I don't really agree. She's become fully immersed in the Demon realm, and well let's face it, they don't do jealousy or monogamy, but rather celebrate love and affection openly. It's a bit hard to explain, but again it works. Of course this leads to a lot of tension between Ryan and Kara as whenever his human side (Ryan) is in charge rather than his demon alter ego, well he can be a bit of a jerk with his jealous and rather cruelty towards Kara. That being said, I can't help wondering who Kara will end up with in the long run, as putting all the non-jealousy aspects in the demon realm, I still think she'll find the one person (or demon) for her in the end. It's a bit early to place bets especially after how some things played out in this installment, but for the time being, Kara has what she needs and that's all that really matters. 

As warned, this was a review about my feelings rather than events, but when you have a book that is as complex as this one, that can't be avoided unless you want to spoil things, which I won't do. Suffice it to say that fans of the series who enjoyed the old murder mystery feel from the earlier books will be pleased with this installment. From action to danger, love and heartbreak, secrets and twisted plots, FURY OF THE DEMON is not to be missed!

(Received a copy from the publisher)


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