Early Review: Ignited by Corrine Jackson

, by Kt Clapsadl

Ignited by Corrine Jackson
Sense Thieves #3

Nobody hides forever.

Ever since Remy O'Malley discovered her dual identity as a Healer and a Protector, she's kept alive by staying one step ahead of both sides in this centuries-old war. Now someone's trying to draw her out of hiding, using her kidnapped father as bait.

To save him, Remy will need every friend she's got. But as new alliances form, old bonds fray. Her boyfriend Asher is losing his powers, becoming more mortal every time she touches him. Meanwhile, Remy finds herself growing closer to Asher's brother Gabe, even as a family tragedy drives her sister Lucy farther away.

On a rescue mission to London, Remy decides she's tired of being the hunted. It's time to end this war once and for all, as Protectors and Healers alike hurtle towards a final, violent confrontation that not everyone will survive.

One of the best things about this series is both the world behind it and the progression the characters make as they navigate it. I love how every Remy thought she had things figured out, something new would come along or something would change throwing a wrench into things. Not only did this keep things interesting, but it only made me fall for Remy more as she continued to persevere and stand up for what she thought was right no matter the obstacle thrown in her path. And boy let me tell you there were some major obstacles this time around. Everything really came to a head, and I loved seeing it all come together one last time to blow things out of the park. 

I'm not the biggest fan of love triangles. When they do pop up in books, generally I'm loyal to a core, choosing the first guy and sticking to him throughout. However, that wasn't the case here as I feel head over heels for Asher's brother, Gabe in the previous book. After Asher dies, Remy and Gabe become very close and you can see how much he cares for her, but things never move past just "closeness" as Remy's still hurting so much from her loss. I understood that and loved Gabe all the more for not rushing things. But of course at the end the rug got ripped out from under me when it turned up Asher wasn't gone after all. Don't get me wrong, his death was devastating, but the author handled the healing and transition to Gabe so well that I wanted only Gabe for her. Unfortunately IGNITED opens up with the love triangle in full force as Remy and Asher try to reconcile who they were and who they are now, with Gabe mixed in there too, leaving me more than a little frustrated. It was painfully obvious things were more than over between the two of them, as Asher just couldn't cope with her making him human. Gabe on the other hand never once faltered, and I have to admit wanting to yell at Remy more than a few times to wake up and see. But don't get me wrong, I do think the whole situation was handled very very well from a writing stand point as it was very realistic and there wasn't any sudden changing of feelings. A definite win in my book.

It's always bittersweet to say goodbye to a series I've loved, but I do enjoy it when that series ends with a good send out. One where you close the book on a sigh of contentment, and that definitely was the case here. Would I have wanted more from this series and world? Sure, as it's really well written and the characters suck you right in. But despite my wish for more, I'm very satisfied with the way things turned out and want to give the author major kudos for doing a great job pleasing this very hard to satisfy with endings reader. Two thumbs up, you won't want to miss this one!

(Received a copy from the publisher)


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