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From a Drood to Kill by Simon R. Green
Secret Histories #9

Some call me Shaman Bond, but I was born Eddie Drood, the latest in a long line of folks who chase monsters out of closets for a living to keep humanity safe from all that is dark, demonic, and just downright evil. Needless to say, we’ve made our fair share of enemies over the centuries—and made some questionable bargains.

In exchange for the power to fight the forces of darkness, my parents signed over their souls. They’re not the only ones who’ve made deals with Heaven, Hell, and every otherworldly realm in between, but now the bill’s due for several big names in the supernatural community.

Including my girl, Molly. She, my parents, and other major players have been kidnapped so they’ll pay up—or participate in the “Big Game.” The rules are simple: get from one side of the pocket dimension to the other and kill your competitors. The winner’s debt is paid in full, and the losers get themselves permanently lost, body and soul, forever.

To save my loved ones, I’ve got to become a ringer in this deadly contest that’s undoubtedly rigged by the Powers That Be....

The ninth book in Simon R. Green’s Secret Histories series finds Eddie Drood, aka Shaman Drood, one of a family that works to keep humanity safe from darkness, demons, and anything evil. In this instance, Eddie has found himself entangled in a “big game” which consists of attempting to journey from one side of a pocket dimension to another by means of killing one’s opponents.

His object is to rescue his kidnapped girlfriend, Molly, which, considering her previous adventures takes a little convincing as she can certainly take care of herself. However, there is the matter of a debt, and no one, not even Drood and Molly can escape such consequences forever, and if Eddie cannot clear her debt, both of them will lose their bodies and souls. One huge hurdle is the fact that Eddie’s parents are also competitors in this contest, and there are no free passes in this game.

As with other books in the series, there is little need to have read the previous books in the series, and there are a number of long-standing questions which are finally answered. As always, new characters and gadgets are introduced, and Eddie is both good at his job and extremely destructive, which are hallmarks of the Drood family, something that comes into play.

As a whole the structure of the book is similar to all the others, and will be predictable, even if the specifics are not the same, and if a reader is looking for something entirely new they will need to try another book, but this series is a comfortable fantasy Bond-esque adventure.
(Received a copy from the publisher)


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