Review: Ride the Storm by Karen Chance

, by Kt Clapsadl

Ride the Storm by Karen Chance
Cassandra Palmer #8

Ever since getting appointed the chief seer of the supernatural world, Cassie Palmer has been playing catch up. Catch up on the training she missed being raised by a psychotic vampire instead of at the pythian court. Catch up on the dangerous world of supernatural politics. Catch up on the powerful, and sometimes seductive, forces trying to mold her to their will. It’s been a trial by fire that has left her burned.

But now she realizes all that was just the warm up.

Ancient forces that once terrorized the world want to return, and Cassie is the only one who can stop them. But to win, she needs help: from a friend lost in time, from a secretive lover, from every supernatural group that has ignored her up until now. And with the vampires and fey preparing to wage war across two worlds, Cassie's time is running out...

Cassie is an amazing heroine and truly astounding in her ability to take a "lickin and keep on tickin." I also love all of the characters and the very detailed world. Reading these books feel like coming home. Well home to a frenzied place, but home all the same. There is never a chance for a dull moment despite the incredible lengths of these books, RIDE THE STORM in particular. That being said despite never having said dull moments, this book was almost too much at times. I felt like a few of the plot threads weren't entirely necessary and they could have been removed to lessen some of the frenetic feel. Granted a Cassie book wouldn't feel quite the same without frenzy, but a little less wouldn't have hurt.

Karen Chance is a master at long running plot threads, sometimes so much so. So I was REALLY glad to finally see some of those threads get resolved/answered (PRITKIN!!). There also were some pretty big revelations on the Mircea side of things, but you'll have to read the book yourself to see how everything plays out. Unlike previous books, RIDE THE STORM doesn't end in a killer cliffhanger, but just enough of a tease to make you really want to read the next book. I greatly appreciated not being left hanging this time.

All in all Cassie fans will be more than pleased with this latest installment that will leave readers with a sigh of contentment in the end.

(Received a copy from the publisher)


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