Pray for Dawn

, by Kt Clapsadl

Yesterday, Pray for Dawn by Jocelynn Drake was released, so of course I had to read it immediately even though I am in the middle of another series. This is the fourth book in her Nightwalker series. This series is about vampires who are called Nightwalkers, but also werewolves and witches. There also are two races called the Naturi and the Bori who are both intent on destroying man kind as well as the rest of the supernaturals. The books center around Mira and Danaus. Mira is a 600 year old nightwalker and also is a fire starter. Normal vampires are extremely flammable, so Mira is the only one of her kind. Danaus is a 2000 year old half human half well, something else that cannot be said without being a spoiler. He has spent his entire life hunting nightwalkers convinced they were the root of all evil. He tries to kill Mira and fails and because of extenuating circumstances must join with Mira to battle the Naturi. As the books progress their fragile truce starts to develop into something more as the two fall for each other but both refuse to admit it. Pray for Dawn is told from Danaus' prospective. At first I was a little gun shy about the perspective change from Mira to Danaus. However, after reading it, I am really glad to have gotten a chance to see how he thinks. This book shows who he is at the core and made me understand his hesitation towards Mira a little better. The sexual tension between the two is amazing. This book also lived up to it predecessors in the fact that Mira is always going to find herself in the middle of major trouble. She wins and loses, but the question is how much can she lose before it becomes too much and she snaps? The book ends on a major cliffhanger that really left me wanting more, but the fifth book is being released next month, so it isn't too long of wait.. but..
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