Long one

, by Kt Clapsadl

I finished the latest book in The Black Dagger Brotherhood by JR Ward last week, but I got caught up in another series and forgot to write about it on here. The series is told in third person, which is not usually my forte, but these books work well for me. The series is about vampires (surprise surprise), however these vampires do not feed off of humans, only the opposite sex of their own species. The Brotherhood is a group of male warriors that were bred to protect their race form evil beings called Lessers. The books continue over the series, but each book is mainly about one Brother and their finding love and resolution of their problems. Believe me they have all been through a lot, so the resolutions are no easy tasks, and some wounds can never heal. As each Brother finds his "love," new female characters come into the series and each becomes an important part. One becomes the Queen and helps the King ascend to a throne he never wanted but must take out of duty. Another is a therapist (much needed for this group), another is an extraordinary doctor. The list goes on and on. The books are a little predictable in that you know the love interest will work out in the end even though they may act like it won't. However, it is really interesting the different ways the author solves the issues in the end.

Last night the hubby surprised me by having my Mom come and watch the kids so we could go to midnight release of Eclipse. What he did not realize is that it was completely sold out. So, I called around and found a theater about 45 min away had tickets for the 12:15am showing. The place was INSANE. There were two lines that stretched around both sides of the building to get in. After picking up our tickets we went inside and the guy put us in a pretty short line inside. Not 30 seconds later a woman comes up and calls our theater number and takes us back to get seated, so we got the pick of our seats. Its amazing how we lucked out. I went out to get popcorn a half an hour later and had to wait about 20 min in that line. Even after all that time the other long lines still had not been released to go into their theaters. The movie was really good, but not as good as the book of course. I just do not think a movie can really ever be better than the book due to the time constraints. I am planning on seeing it again with my little brother next week though. We saw New Moon together so he wanted to see this one with me as well.

I am currently reading the Women of the Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong. When I finish on here I'm going to start the seventh book in the series. So, I'll post more about the books when I finish the tenth book.
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