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(Note: I'm going to be specifically vague in certain parts of this post because I don't want to ruin anything for anyone like it happened to my mom. Sorry if it's confusing, but if you have read the series that I am talking about, you should understand my ramblings here)

So, as I mentioned a while ago I got my mother into reading books, specifically the ones I read. It's been really nice being able to talk to her about them and share that. However, me and my big mouth accidentally let something small slip about the shifters series. In all honesty it shouldn't have mattered, because all I said was that I didn't want to re-read book number (blank) because it was too sad. Well, my mom being who she is figured out what the event was, so she wasn't very emotionally invested into it. When I read it the first time (and the second time) I blubbered like a baby, and it didn't really effect her at all. Very frustrating!

She just finished up The Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost, and I decided that her next series should be the Rachel Morgan series by Kim Harrison. Now if you know this series, you know that there is a pretty major event that happens, and it's a tearjerker. At least it was one for me. I had bought her a kindle as an early Christmas present on my account so we could share the books. What she didn't realize is that the Kindle does not keep the books in order of the series, it keeps them in the order they were last opened. So she starts reading White Witch, Black Curse, book number SEVEN. She only read the first chapter, but that had to be the worst first chapter possible to start with. It completely revealed that MAJOR event and now the first six books are completely ruined!! I am so disappointed, because again she won't be emotionally involved and it's a shame because I don't think she is going to get the full experience out of it. So now I have to think up another series with an "event" in it to test her reaction. Maybe she just isn't a blubberer like me.

On a side note I told her we need to find a vampire so we can use the mind control they all seem to have no matter the author to erase that chapter from her memory. Hey I can dream right?

How about you? Has anything like this happened to you?

(Edit: I wasn't clear on this before, but she is still going to read the books, because the series is really awesome. Even with knowing the event, I think she will like it a lot. I'm just ranting my frustration here.)


  1. Yes, I think what happens in the Hollows series is a big deal but I think your mother could still be invested in the series since I don't think it is ending here shortly and the real characters to be invested in are Ivy, Rachel and Jenks. I haven't read that particular book yet so I'm not sure what it reveals but I don't think a certain male character really is the best thing about the series. In fact, my other half was reading all of them and enjoying them. But after reading I think the fifth book he refused to read more because he didn't like the mopey Rachel. Yes, she will know it happens but there is so much more in those books that I can you can still read them without knowing that.

    Also, if you read back blurbs on series books you ruin previous books all the time.

  2. That sucks! and I totally know what you are talking about. However I did not really get all that emotional when said event happened. But I do think that what happened was completely unnecessary. What do you think? I teared up in book 8 though ugh!

    Anyways I think your mom will still be able to connect with the characters and still feel the weight of the event when she gets to it in the correct order.

    You could always try the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs. Nothing as extreme as the Hollows but still emotional in it's own way :)

    Good luck!

  3. Well, I know of someone who doesn't want me spoiling the story for them. So, I simply don't say anything until they've read it. For myself, I don't really care about spoilers coz if it's a really good book, I'll still "feel" it. In fact, I really appreciate being told before hand if there's going to be a bad ending because I just don't like unhappy endings and would prefer to avoid it.


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