Silver-Tongued Devil (Early Review)

, by Kt Clapsadl

Silver-Tongued Devil by Jaye Wells
Sabina Kane #4

Life is looking up for Sabina Kane. Now that her scheming grandmother is dead, the threat of war has passed and the rulers of the dark races are about to sign a treaty to ensure ongoing peace. Her relationship with sexy mage Adam Lazarus is strong and all her friends are around her. Even her magic training is progressing further than she ever expected. The only two dark spots in her otherwise settled life are her guilt over her sister Maisie's fragile mental state and Sabina's own sinking sense that she's got unfinished business with Cain, the mysterious cult leader she let get away months earlier. When a string of murders rock the New York dark races community and threatens to stall the peace negotiations, Sabina finds herself helping to find the killer. Her investigation leads her down troubling paths that have her questioning everything - and everyone - she knows. And the closer she gets to the murderer, the more Sabina realizes this is one foe she may not able to kill.

Life should have been much calmer now that Sabina's evil grandmother is finally dead. All the dark races are in peace talks with a treaty to be soon signed. She also has friends to rely on and Adam at her side. Even her magical training is going well. However, things are still very strained with her twin sister as Maisie tumbles further and further down a self-destructive path. Then come the horrific dreams about Cain who keeps reminding her that he isn't finished with her. As she scrambles to find the culprit of murders that threaten the tenuous peace, she discovers thing that leaves her questioning everything she has come to know. The plot goes deeper than she realizes, and this time it may cost her more than she is willing to give.

Silver-Tongued Devil read like a setup for the grand finale in the next book, which is to be the last in the series. However, unlike many other "setup" books that I have read, Silver-Tongued Devil did not have a dull moment. In fact, it was a pretty big game changer. At times it felt like the author decided to put everyone's roles and relationships into a blend and push puree. From Giguhl's change into a confidant and powerful weapon, to Rhea's complete support and faith in Sabina even against roles of authority, all of my assumptions have been irrevocably changed. However there was one change in "status" that really hit hard for me. After all Adam and Sabina have gone through I had hoped they would get some time in bliss without more roadblocks. I just didn't get my wish as some past secrets are revealed and it threatens to completely tear them apart. I must admit that I knew this day would come, but it doesn't make it any easier to swallow. There is a slight bright side to this fallout, because now that all the building issues are finally out in the open, perhaps in time they can overcome them. I can only hope.

As much as Sabina has been dragging her feet about buying into her prophesied role as the chosen one, I think that is going to change. In Silver-Tongued Devil, she starts to really show progress, especially when she trusts her instincts about Cain, despite everyone else thinking she is over-reacting. I did find it be be a little strange that they would believe Maisie could have prophetic dreams, but that Sabina's own dreams hold no meaning. I realize it is easier to just brush her off than face the horrors of the possibility of Cain escaping, but there is a difference between confidence in something not being possible, and being purposely obtuse. You would think they would have learned to trust their "chosen" a little more by now. But then again I can't blame them too much on account of Sabina's lack of team player skills. Perhaps in time that will change.

As I look back over the previous books in the series, I realize each installment has had more of an emotional attachment than the last, and Silver-Tongued Devil continues that trend. After finishing this book, I am sitting here with so many emotions running through me. It is simply amazing that this book can leave me feeling devastated, yet also somehow hopeful at the same time. As heartbreaking as some of the events were, I understand why they had to happen, and that knowledge is what drives my hope for the future. All in all Silver-Tongued Devil is another stellar installment in this fantastic series. Once it grabs a hold of you it won't let get go until the very end, and even then it will leave you reeling from the depths of emotion. Ms. Jaye Wells, my hat goes off to you.

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