T.G.I.F. (13)

, by Kt Clapsadl

This Week's Question:

Christmas in July: If Santa were to come down your chimney in the middle of summer, which books would you want him to leave for you under the tree?

Hmm, well since I'm really lucky that I have some really fabulous publishing contacts that I get early copies of books from, and that I have a really awesome library about a half an hour away that always gets the rest of the titles I want, I'm going to feature the future release books that I'm dying to get a hold of. You know, the ones that take a miracle to get early, or they are still too far off to even hope for, making me crazy desperate for them. I'd definitely love a Santa who brought ANY of these books to me.
(Or someone who would want to trade if they just happen to already have one of these ;) Just let me know.)

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