Early Review: Immortally Yours by Angie Fox

, by Kt Clapsadl

Immortally Yours by Angie Fox 
Monster M*A*S*H #1

No one patches up the incoming wounded like Dr. Petra Robichaud. Recruited by the gods for her uncanny medical skills, she’s the best M*A*S*H surgeon in the army. Along with a nosy guard sphinx,vegetarian werewolf, and otherparanormal paramedics, she bandages soldiers who are built like Greek gods (literally). But when one sexy immortal ends up on her operating table—half dead and totally to-die-for—Petra’s afraid she’ll lose her patient and her heart…

Commander Galen of Delphi is one gorgeous but stubborn demi-god. When his spirit tries to slip out of his fatally wounded body, Dr. Petra has to slip it back in—unwittingly revealing her ability to see ghosts. Now that Galen knows her secret, he’s convinced she’s part of an ancient prophecy. If the oracles are right, Petra could lead Galen’s army to peace. And if he seduces her on the way to hell and back? Heaven knows—all’s fair in love and war…

As the gods rage, the rest of the world falls. Unwilling drafted into the war between the old and new gods, Dr. Petra Robichaud works in a MASH unit, patching up wounded immortal soldiers and sending them on their way. Her latest patient is different than the rest as he sparks something in her long cold heart as she scrambles to save him, and accidentally reveals her ability to see ghosts, an instant death sentence. To protect herself, she tries to stay as far away from him as possible, but that proves difficult once he decides she is the one in the ancient prophecy who is supposed to stop the war. Galen would move heaven and earth for peace, and his method of persuasion is seduction, the one tactic Petra seems helpless to ignore.

I absolutely loved the setting for this book. It reminded me of the MASH tv shows that I watched growing up, only with a supernatural twist. Not only was the setting in a war triage unit, but there also was a great deal of humor just like the old episodes, making it a very enjoyable read. The paranormal elements only stepped my enjoyment up an even higher notch. There was a plethora of supernatural characters blended in with Greek Mythology, making for a very rich world. I particularly loved the dynamic between Petra's bunk mates, the werewolf and the vampire as their interactions were hilarious to say the least. Add that in with the constant prank attempts and the very nosy nature of the entire MASH staff and the crazy, but fun hilarity of it all kept me very entertained. 

Petra and Galen made for an interesting couple to say the least. There were so many obstacles in their path, and yet something about them seemed to just perfectly fit from the very start, even though it took a while for any real "magic" to happen. Granted all the resistance came from Petra's end, but she had a very good reason for trying to hide herself from him and his demands. Not only could opening up to him mean an instant death for her if her secret abilities were to be revealed, but also his insistence that she is the prophecy absolutely terrifies her. Even so, Galen was relentless in his pursuit making him seem almost caveman in his pursuit, yet he somehow made it so charming at the same time. Petra's sass and frustration became rather hilarious at times as she tried to avoid Galen left and right. In fact, because of this I almost enjoyed the build up more than the actual relationship, and considering my strong love for all things romance, that is really saying something.

The overall feel of this Immortally Yours was really interesting, and quite entertaining. Both plot and situation the characters were placed in, were rather dark, and yet the entire book felt rather lighthearted due to the large amount of laugh out loud moments. This blend of dark and light made for the perfect afternoon read. With all the darker paranormal romances/urban fantasies that I read it is always nice to come across a lighter title for a change of pace. With laugh out loud humor, stellar characters, and an awesome mythology to boot, Immortally Yours is not to be missed!

(Received a copy from the Publisher via Netgalley)



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