Early Review: How To Lose a Demon in 10 Days by Saranna DeWylde

, by Kt Clapsadl

How to Lose a Demon in 10 Days by Saranna DeWylde 
10 Days #1


Grace does. She's got more demon than she can saddle. In fact, she's got a sinfully sexy Crown Prince of Hell named Caspian. She's also got ten days to get rid of him or Bad Things shall ensue. See, her Russian mobster ex-boyfriend didn't take kindly to her smutty Mephistophelean contract. It's not that she's conspiring with fiends; that was his idea. It's that she's conspiring against him with outrageous devilry that runs the gamut from embarrassing to a dead hooker turned dominatrix demon gunning for his soul.

One should never trust demons, let alone shag them. They don't have hearts. Yet Grace is buying hers some slightly tarnished armor and hoping that once he's been shoveled into it, kicking and screaming, he'll find it's just his size. This wicked witch needs a white knight--or at least a Prince of Darkness for a Happily Ever After.

In a last ditch effort to give her ex-boyfriend, the Russian Mobster the comeuppance he deserves, Grace summons a demon to do her will. Of course she gets much more than she bargains for when Caspian, the Crown Prince of Hell shows up. In their bargaining, Grace had been expecting a price, but she never could have imagined Caspian's demands to be so carnal. But if sleeping with a denizen of hell is bad, falling for one is even worse, and she has only 10 days to get rid of him before it is too late. 
Based on the description, I imagined this book would have a tongue in cheek kind of humor, but I never would have predicted the hilarity that greeted me from page one. I mean come on, a demon who is trying to act all badass should never ever say the word frolicking in reference to himself. Kinda bursts all shreds of credibility from the start, especially as Grace labeled him metrosexual and was worried about him "bibbity-bopping along," even as he had a serious case of ADD due to her breasts. All that in just the first few pages, and things only got "worse" from there. There was one point involving peanuts and a very compromising position that left tears streaming down my face because I was laughing so hard. I can't remember the last time I read a book this funny, and it was a nice change of pace from the darker books I typically read. I mean, don't get me wrong, this book isn't just "fluff" as the overall plot is quite dark in its own right, it's just that the humor plays such a large role that it greatly overshadowed the danger.

I really enjoyed watching Grace and Caspian grow and change in this book. Caspian started out so full of himself and absolutely carefree in his emotions, or rather the lack thereof. However that all changed once Grace came into his life. It was so much fun watching him squirm as he realized to his absolute horror he may actually have feelings for her, especially as he didn't know what to do about them. There were several times he royally messed up in his blundering about, but that only entertained me more due to the hilarity of it all. Grace on the other hand, in the beginning she was so uptight and shut off from the world, although she did have good reason. Even so, being a bitter harpy hell bent (literally) on revenge didn't suit her well, and I loved seeing Caspian slow start to change her as well. Of course, being so strong willed she fought that attraction tooth and nail, leading

How to Lose a Demon in 10 Days is an incredibly sexy, fun romp that kept me thoroughly entertained. From the great characters and their steamy moments that sizzled right off the page, to the insane hilarity of it all, I was thoroughly entertained from start to finish. If this book is any indication of the future installments, the 10 Days series will be going onto my most anticipated list. This is a definite must read for those who like their paranormals with a large slice of humor on the side, and I highly recommend it!

(Received a copy from the publisher)



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