Kirsten Reviews: Science Fiction 101 Edited by Robert Silverburg

, by Kt Clapsadl

Science Fiction 101 Edited by Robert Silverburg

If you read or write science fiction, here is the best introduction to the secrets, the craft and the art of science fiction. Included are thirteen classic works of modern sf; wondrous stories by Alfred Bester, Philip K. Dick, Jack Vance, Frederick Pohl and many others. If you love science fiction, read how a young fan grew up to become one of the most honored masters in the history of the field, as told in his own words.

Science Fiction 101, edited by Robert Silverberg is a volume of science fiction first published in 1987 as Worlds of Wonder that, in all likelihood will have something that appeals to every sci-fi fan. These 13 stories stories from the 1940s-1960s, include works by Phillip K. Dick, Jack Vance, and others, as well as Silverberg’s introduction The Making of a Science Fiction Writer, which is an interesting read and an interesting prelude to the stories.

Silverberg makes the argument that science fiction belongs within the bounds of the fantasy genre, and backs this up with several stories that have none of the expected trappings of science fiction. He further expounds on science fiction in essays that follow each story, which offer background to the author, stories, and other elements that readers may find interesting.

Most importantly, this is not a collection of what Silverberg considers to be the best science fiction writing of all time. Instead, this is a more personal volume, as the stories selected are those that moved SIlverberg, and that insight makes them all the more interesting.

While anyone who dislikes anthologies may not immediately pick this book up, if they have any interest in science fiction, they should give it a chance.

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