Early Review: Blood Lust by Alexandra Ivy

, by Kt Clapsadl

Blood Lust by Alexandra Ivy
The Sentinels #3

Blessed and cursed by their hidden abilities, the Sentinels have no choice but to live, and love, on the edge of humanity…

The Sentinel assassin, Bas, is facing the greatest challenge of his outcast existence. His young daughter, Molly, has been kidnapped. But her disappearance has brought the return of her mother, Myst, whom Bas has never forgotten--or forgiven.

Haunted by a vision that she's destined to create a weapon that will destroy thousands, Myst was never impulsive--until she met the irresistibly handsome Bas. But with the Brotherhood, the enemy of the high-bloods hunting for her, Myst had to stay on the run, to keep her child, and the world, safe. Now, with the most important thing in both their lives at stake, she and Bas must embark on a treacherous journey to save Molly, to confront the truth of Myst's fate--and to face their fierce desire for one another.

I really enjoy this series. It has all the great parts of a strong urban fantasy with a full plot and plenty of action while also having all the yummy romance parts of paranormal romance. Each book moves the overall plot of the series while still having such a large focus on the romance, and I love it. BLOOD LUST was no exception. In fact, I'm pretty sure it's now my favorite book in the series. It combines two of my favorite tropes, enemies to lovers and reunited lovers into one super tension filled yummy read. I knew from the first time Bas stepped onto the page in the previous books I HAD to read his story. He had broody scorned lover written all over him, and yet I just knew there was so much more to the mysterious Myst than Bas's anger showed her to be. I was right and boy do the sparks fly in this one. It's one of those books where you just immerse your self and settle in to watch the sparks fly. Seriously if you love a good enemies to lovers book with a fierce attraction between the pair, this one is for you. 

Romance aside, there also was a really great plot in BLOOD LUST that kept me more than hooked. There's a big threat looming over not only Bas and Myst's heads but their entire race. What made it even more suspenseful was that it all revolved around a prophecy and no one really knew what it meant, only that it was so terrifying that Myst was willing to sacrifice everything to prevent it. I have to admit that I did guess early on what the prophecy really meant, but that actually made me enjoy it even more as I was able to savor the read a bit more rather than frantically turning the pages just to get to the reveal.

Another great thing about this book was the inclusion/foreshadowing of another couple, Lana and Wolfe. Or at least I hope they will become a couple. One of the reasons I love enemies to lovers books so much is all the oh so yummy tension that they bring, just like in BLOOD LUST. However there's plenty of tension between Lana and Wolfe, it practically sizzled right off the page, and they weren't even the focus of this book! It made everything all the more enjoyable the way future and past couples were weaved into the story seamlessly, making the series all the richer for it.

All in all if you love a tension filled romance with one heck of a plot, BLOOD LUST is the book for you. And if you haven't read the previous Sentinel books, make sure you check them out too as they are all entertaining reads.
(Received a copy from the publisher)


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