Release Day Review: Veiled Enchantments by Deborah Blake

, by Kt Clapsadl

Veiled Enchantments by Deborah Blake
Veiled Magic #3

Still reeling from her unwitting involvement in murder and subsequent break up with a half-Dragon art forger, Witch-cop Donata Santori is grateful for the distraction when her ex-lover requests her help. Not only are Magnus's beloved dead suddenly haunting the Ulfhednar shapechangers in his tiny rural hometown in Maine, their patron god Odin has turned his back on them, and the members of their once tight-knit enclave are at each other's throats. Literally.

Magnus is relying on Donata's experience in dealing with the gods, along with her magical ability to summon the dead, to help him unravel this mystery in time to save his clan. Donata only hopes to survive the ordeal so she can return home to the city and her quiet job at the precinct.

But first, she must discover who or what is behind the terrible attacks on the Ulfhednar. And the clock is ticking, in more ways than one...

This series truly gets better with each book. I feel like I've really settled into the world and the characters this time around. I love Donata's character. She's come an incredibly long way from the witch we first met in book one. She's fierce and determined to do the right thing always, even when it could cost her greatly and I love her for it. She has to step up yet again in this book, and despite some pretty big opposition, she never once wavers. It made for an entertaining read to say the least.

In the previous books in the series, one of my biggest frustrations was with the romance. Over all they just weren't working for me, but I'm happy to say that the romance woes are in the rearview mirror now. Things settled greatly in VEILED ENCHANTMENTS and there wasn't any of that previous wishy washy stuff from before. That's not to say everything is sappy and perfect in Donata's love life, quite the opposite actually. It just felt more settled and building towards something rather than the tennis match back and forth of the previous books. Romance lovers should appreciate this new direction.

All in all, VEILED ENCHANTMENTS was an enjoyable installment in a series that I hope will have many more releases to come. I love Donata and the gang, and can't wait to see where things lead next.

(Received a copy from the publisher)


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