Early Review: In Darkness Transformed by Alexis Morgan

, by Kt Clapsadl

In Darkness Transformed by Alexis Morgan
The Paladin Strike Team #1

The USA TODAY bestselling author of the Paladin series returns with this sexy, original title featuring a man discovering the paranormal world of the paladins.

Dying hurts…but not as much as living.

Eli is lucky to survive the helicopter crash that killed the rest of the passengers. But when he notices his wounds healing before his eyes, it seems like his survival may have come from more than luck.

Safara knows what Eli does not—Eli is a paladin, a mortal enemy of someone like Safara, someone from Kalithia.
Still, after Eli saves Safara’s life, and Safara introduces Eli to a whole new world, they just can’t seem to treat each as enemies.

I really enjoyed the Paladin books when they originally released, so when I saw a new series would be started in this same world, I was more than a little excited. While it's been very long time since the last Paladin book released, I had no trouble jumping right back into this spin off series. There's just something special about Alexis's storytelling that let me slip right into the world and the awesome characters. However, I will admit this time around felt just a bit different than the previous books. They just had a different feel about them with less focus on the Paladin "lifestyle" since Eli's an outsider, and he's on Earth, but in a Kalithian town. This isn't a bad thing, as it gave things a fresh new feel.

I really loved Eli and Safara together. They each came with so many secrets and watching them dancing around each other trying to figure how much they can trust and share was a great ride. Despite coming from such very different worlds, they both had the same very protective spirit. Seeing them come together despite all that baggage and fierce natures was incredibly enjoyable.

If you've been missing the yummy Paladins in your life, IN DARKNESS TRANSFORMED will be the perfect fix!

(Received a copy from the publisher)


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