Early Review: Planet Dragos by Thea Harrison

, by Kt Clapsadl

Planet Dragos by Thea Harrison
Elder Races #9.8

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Thea Harrison comes the final novella featuring Pia and Dragos…

Pia’s latest pregnancy has become a daily challenge, her relationship with Dragos strained with argument. That hasn’t stopped them from achieving a compromise and traveling to Las Vegas to celebrate their friend Rune’s wedding to his mate Carling.

From the moment they arrive, the trip goes awry. Death walks in Vegas, and Pia is kidnapped as an ancient enemy makes a move to destroy the Great Beast once and for all.

But the Great Beast has other plans. On Planet Dragos everything goes the way he arranges it—unless someone decides to cross him, and God help them then, because he doesn’t know how to back down, and he doesn’t ever, ever let up.

Wow. For PLANET DRAGOS being "just" a novella, an incredible amount of game changing events happen. My head is still spinning from the whirlwind of events. It's always so bittersweet to say goodbye to much loved characters. And as this is the last installment to directly feature Dragos and Pia, I was hoping for a proper send off. PLANET DRAGOS more than delivered. 

From the first page, things take off with a bang and Dragos speaks of Pia's kidnapping. Then we're thrust a few days in the past to a very pregnant Pia and Dragos trying to navigate their relationship. Their squabbling and learning to navigate through their issues felt so real and relatable. Then of course the actual kidnapping occurs and the book is an utter whirlwind from there. It's non-stop action and fury with all the favorite characters from previous books returning leading up to one heck of a climax. I was seriously hooked and on the edge of my seat from all the action. But what I appreciated even more was that after the incredible climax, there was a good bit of page time afterwards bringing things to a close and setting things up for the future. It was really well balanced and I loved every minute of it! 

PLANET DRAGOS felt like an end and a beginning all in one, both bittersweet for this reader and yet hopeful for the future to come. With one door closing and another one opening, Thea Harrison proves that there is so much potential to the amazing Elder Races world. I can't wait to see what's in store next!

(Received a copy from the author)


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