Review: Atone in Darkness by Alexis Morgan

, by Kt Clapsadl

Atone in Darkness by Alexis Morgan
The Paladin Strike Team #2

Return to the steamy and suspenseful Paladin series by the USA TODAY bestselling author with this heart-pounding novel following a doctor and her mysterious patient as they try to escape a mysterious military force hell-bent on exploiting them both.

Brilliant doctor Marisol knows nothing about the mysterious man whose vitals she monitors and whose every move she's paid to track—other than the fact that he is brought to death's door each night by a squad of military grade thugs. She certainly can't ask the people who hired her. After all, they run this shady, hi-tech compound where she is now stranded, the only woman among huge, uniform-clad brutes.

Chase Mosely, Marisol's sole charge, knows nothing about who was behind his kidnapping, other than the fact that they want to know about his Paladin's ability to heal. Nor does he know anything about his pretty keeper, who seems to be working for the enemy, but still looks at him with compassion in her eyes.

Both held captive in a remote testing facility, their desperate stories intertwine. And, as they discover that they mean more to each other than they could ever have imagined, the two of them must find a way to escape, no matter the odds.

I’m a huge fan of the paranormal romance genre, and a complete sucker for the enemies to lovers trope, so ATONE IN DARKNESS was right up my alley. This time around the enemies to lover plotline had a bit of a twist in that the heroine is not intentionally an enemy, twisted up in the plight as an almost victim herself. Of course our hero, Chase doesn’t let her off easy, despite his fierce attraction to her. It made for a delicious build up in the romance department, and the high stakes against them only upped the ante. The action takes off from the first page and really didn’t let up until it was over. Definitely a very engrossing read that I thoroughly enjoyed.

If you’re looking for a fast, action-packed read with a great building romance and very high stakes, look no further than ATONE IN DARKNESS.

(Received a copy from the publisher)


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