, by Kt Clapsadl

Bitten by Kelley Armstong
Women of the Otherworld Series #1

The book centers around Elena Michaels, the only female warewolf. She was betrayed and bitten by her former fiance, Clay, and against all odds, she survived the change. To escape him and to try and ignore her change she moves to Toronto. She has a human boyfriend but it becomes increasingly hard to hide who she is from him. Things go sour when Elena ignore summons from the Alpha. Clay is forced to come and collect her to help with a Mutt problem. Though she fights it tooth and nail she cannot help but be sucked back into a world she has tried so hard to forget.

This book kept me up late until the wee hours because I was so sucked in I couldn't wait to read what happened next. There were several sad points in the book and one death that hit pretty hard, but in the end these events only sucked me further in. The sexual tension between Elena and Clay is really thick. As much as she may try to deny her feelings for Clay, there is a major connection there. However, she can never forget his betrayal of forcing her into this life. In the end she must make a choice to continue to ignore her heart or swallow some of her pride.

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