Another Kind of Dead (Early Review)

, by Kt Clapsadl

Another Kind of Dead by Kelly Meding
Dreg City #3

She can heal her own wounds. She can nail a monster to a wall. But there’s one danger Evangeline Stone never saw coming.

Been there. Done that. Evy Stone is a former Dreg Bounty Hunter who died and came back to life with some extraordinary powers. Now all but five people in the world think she is dead again, this time for good—immolated in a factory fire set specifically for her. Evy and Wyatt, her partner/lover/friend, can no longer trust their former allies, or even the highest echelons of the Triads—the army of fighters holding back from an unsuspecting public a tide of quarreling, otherworldly creatures—they can trust only each other. Because when the Triads raided a macabre, monster-filled lab of science experiments and hauled away the remnants, they failed to capture their creator: a brilliant, vampire-obsessed scientist with a wealth of powerful, anti-Dreg weaponry to trade for what he desires most of all—Evy Stone: alive and well, and the key to his ultimate experiment in mad science.

The sheer amount of horrors Evy has survived is amazing. That total stepped up to an incredible amount by the end of Another Kind of Dead. I've read many series where the main character is put through hell and back, but never in such a short amount of time as Evy has had. How she has the willpower to keep dragging her bleeding and broken body into fight after fight without rest is simply beyond me. Yes, she has supernatural healing powers, but they are no where near instantaneous, and she still feels the full pain of every injury, and they do nothing to help her mental stability. Those healing capabilities get tested to their ultimate limit in Another Kind of Dead. If you thought Evy had suffered before, you really haven't seen anything yet.

Evy Stone, now in hiding since she died and came back with some extra abilities, then almost died again. Since almost everyone thought the second death was real, she's decided to lay low. Of course that isn't the easiest thing for Evy as she is a trouble magnet. This time it's a crazy scientist who is on a path of vengeance, determined to stop vampirism at all costs. Right now his obsession is Evy as she may hold the key to his illustrious cure. But, just because he wants her alive, doesn't mean her friends are safe as he will do anything he can to get his hands on her. Evy knows she must do everything she can to keep the ones she loves safe, even if it means the ultimate sacrifice.

I love the dynamic between Evy and Wyatt. Their love for one another is so incredibly strong, yet so very fragile as well. They need each other more than anything, yet neither one seems to know what to do with that fact. At times the progression has felt gratingly slow, but then I force myself to take a step back to realize that while this may be the third book, at the start, only about two weeks has passed. So, when you consider everything that has happened to them as obstacles to their relationship, it is a wonder they stand a chance at all. I think that more than anything shows just how much they belong together. The brevity of their time together made everything seem so much precious and sweet, so I fell even harder for the two as a couple. I know this is a wish with very slim odds, but I really hope they get a little more time together before the next crisis hits, as they have more than earned it.

Like its predecessors, Another Kind of Dead is one big roller coaster ride from start to finish. It is so full of loops and turns that barely give the characters (and readers) a chance to take a breath. You won't find any slackers here, just a set of characters determined to stand up for what is right no matter the personal cost. I was on the edge of my seat until the very last word, and while there wasn't a cliffhanger ending, there was still more than plenty things left open to make me more than a little desperate to get my hands on the next installment. My hat goes off to Kelly Meding for another great installment in the Dreg City Series. You won't want to miss this!

(Received a copy from the publisher)


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