Rebirth (Early Review)

, by Kt Clapsadl

Rebirth by Sophie Littlefield
Aftertime #2

The end of the world was just the beginning
Civilization has fallen, leaving California an unforgiving, decimated place. But Cass Dollar beat terrible odds to get her missing daughter back—she and Ruthie will be happy.

Yet with the first winter, Cass is reminded that happiness is fleeting in Aftertime. Ruthie retreats into silence.
Flesh—eating Beaters still dominate the landscape. And Smoke, Cass's lover and strength, departs on a quest for vengeance, one that may end him even if he returns.

The survivalist community Cass has planted roots in is breaking apart, too. Its leader, Dor, implores Cass to help him recover his own lost daughter, taken by the totalitarian Rebuilders. And soon Cass finds herself thrust into the dark heart of an organization promising humanity's rebirth—at all costs.

Bound to two men blazing divergent paths across a savage land, Cass must overcome the darkness in her wounded heart, or lose those she loves forever.

Cass has been trying to carve out her own version of happiness now that she finally has her daughter back and the man she loves by her side. But happiness in After time is a fleeting thing. Word comes that the school where Smoke's prior lover was hiding out had been overtaken by the rebuilders and burnt to the ground. As Smoke sets off on a mission of vengeance, Cass feels abandoned and betrayed. She sets out with Dor on a rescue mission right into the heart of the rebuilders for his daughter Sammi. It's a suicide mission, but one she feels compelled to embark even if it means she loses it all.

Cass is as strong as she was in the previous book, if nit even stronger yet, when it comes to her fierce protection of Ruthie and the sheer determination to survive no matter the odds. However, she is also very vulnerable in certain aspects and emotionally a train wreck. Since she is a recovering junkie that had one heck of disaster of a childhood, it's no wonder she doesn't take Smoke's leaving very well. In fact she makes some decisions that just weren't for the best. It is almost as if she is punishing herself for opening up to love and now she must purge herself yet again. I really hope she will learn that she is worth having love despite her past, but that takes time to heal, which is not easily gained in Aftertime.

I'll be honest that when I read the description for this book that I became a little reluctant to read it. I didn't want to see Smoke leave and a vague implication that Dor would be stepping in. I just thought those events would ruin things for me. I should have known better. As furious as I was at Smoke for leaving, in time I began to realize that it would have destroyed him if he hadn't gone to avenge the school. He would have lost everything about himself and the strength that drew Cass to him in the first place. My other issue was that I had only seen Dor as a cold and calculating man, as this is the face he wants others to see. However in his travels with Cass, we get to see a whole new side that in all honesty shocked the socks off of me. I'm not really sure whether or not a love triangle is being set up, but if so, I think Dor might be able to give Smoke a real run for his money.

Rebirth is a chilling read that will haunt you with its utterly raw emotion and look into life after an apocalypse. It's horrors will completely suck you and and leave you gasping for air as you are able to do more than watch what these characters must endure. If there was any doubt in holding the reader's interest into the next book, the suspense of the unanswered questions are more than enough enticement. I'm just dying to find out what Smoke's big secret is as well as what really happened in that convent to make Ruthie so silent. Sophie Littlefield does an excellent job of balancing that fine line of suspense and the needed answers, making for a truly fantastic read. I personally cannot wait to get my hands on the next installment and cannot recommend these books any higher!

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  1. GREAT review. I loved this book as well. I thought it was better than Aftertime. Like you, I'm dying to see what happens in the next installment.

    I'm reading the short story "Survivors" next. It takes place between Aftertime and Rebirth. If you haven't read it yet, it's free at the eharlequin store.

    Jen at Red Hot Books

  2. @Jen Thank you so much! I really thing Sophie is a phenomenal writer. I can't wait to devour her next book.


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