Hunter's Prayer

, by Kt Clapsadl

Hunter's Prayer by Lilith Saintcrow
Jill Kismet #2

 Another night on the Nightside...An ancient evil looms over Santa Luz. Prostitutes are showing up dead and eviscerated. And Jill Kismet just might be able to get her revenge against an old enemy.

There's just one problem. Someone wants Jill dead--again. And if they have to open up Hell itself to kill her, they will.

Sometimes, even when you're Jill Kismet, you don't have a prayer...

The crimes committed against innocents just keep getting worse. Prostitutes are going missing and some are showing up with their entire insides savaged. Since Jill is a former prostitute, this hits home hard as she scrambles to stop the ones responsible. Unfortunately it looks like she is the next target and she keeps getting set up for run ins with a nasty creature that wants nothing other than destruction. Meanwhile Perry is up to his usual mind games and trying to claim her for her own. It will require everything she has to keep him from getting his claws any further into her, as she must protect her city at all costs.

The horrors and gore step it up in this book, definitely not for those weak of stomach. However, the worse the crime committed, the more determined Jill is to stop those responsible. She is such a damaged character, yet she never once falters in her duty to protect the innocents of her city. Her entire life could be in shambles, yet she would still give her last breath if it meant stopping one more horror. I understand why there are so few hunters. Being a hunter requires such complete discipline and sacrifice, that it is very rare for someone to be able to give that much of themselves. Sometimes I wonder if Jill is able to do this because she doesn't have any self worth, so she doesn't feel like she really is sacrificing that much in the end. I hope in time she realizes just how much she actually is worth, as her devotion is nothing short of remarkable.

I enjoyed the relationship between Jill and Saul. He is her rock and sounding board. She has come to depend on him so much, that it is a wonder that she survived before he came along. There are many times where he is all that stands between herself and falling into damnation, which wouldn't take much due to her "bargain" with Perry. However, until she accepts herself, I think their relationship will be hindered. Since she doesn't have any self-worth, she doesn't really feel she deserves Saul, so she can't fully trust him, as the fear he will leave is too high. I have high hopes for them, it will just take a little work and acceptance.

I enjoyed this book just as much as the first one, if not a little more. The dynamic between Jill and Saul really added to the book and allowed a little "happiness" to shine through. I need at least little light in my books, so I was happy to have it in this book despite the absolute horrors and darkness of the rest of it. The ending surprised me, and promises great things for the next book. Definitely a series worth checking out, but I would recommend starting from the beginning to make sure you have enough back story. Very good read!


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  1. I love these books! Glad you liked them. I can't wait for the last book in series! And Perry is a very interesting character... :)

  2. @Kara-Karina Isn't he though! I wonder what his end game is.


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