Altered Destiny (Early Review)

, by Kt Clapsadl

Altered Destiny by Shawna Thomas

Selia has run her family's tavern since she was fifteen and can hunt and fight the equal of any man. When she rescues a badly wounded man and nurses him back to health, she has no idea she's about to change not only her life, but also the destinies of two peoples…

The battered warrior is Svistra—a race of bloodthirsty savages determined to destroy her homeland. Or so the stories claim. Jaden reveals a different truth: how his ancestors were driven into the barren northern mountains. Now they are strong and war parties are pushing south wanting their land back.
The son of a Svistra Commander, Jaden is looking for a way to bring peace to both humans and Svistrans. He tries to ignore his growing passion for Selia, but when she is captured he has to decide what he would be willing to sacrifice to save the woman he loves…


Selia is quite different than most women. She runs her own tavern, dresses like a man, and can outfight most of them. Yet she also has a softer side, proven when she saves a Svistra man named Jaden. His kind is known to be bloodthirsty and nothing more than savages, and yet she cannot bring herself to kill him while he is weak. She is very wary of him, but as time goes on she slowly softens towards him and starts a very unlikely attraction that will fully test both of their wills.

The beginning of Altered Destiny was a little slow as everything was being set up and explained. There was a lot of information being given, and yet I was still confused about what was happening for a good portion of the book. I think a lot of the confusion had to do with the jarring perspective changes that had no real transition. Each time there was a change, it would take me a few sentences to figure out the change and who was now in "control." I don't mind perspective changes, especially since they can really help the reader to see several sides of a story, which adds to the enjoyment. However, I do need the transition to be easily followed with out confusion. I just had a hard time really staying interested in this story, and it's a shame because it was quite interesting, and had a lot of potential.

While there was a little romance in Altered Destiny, it was greatly overshadowed by everything else that was going on. I couldn't help but be a little disappointed in this, especially since the description made it seem like their romance would play a much bigger role. I felt there was great potential to have developed things a little bit more. It was obvious just how much the two characters cared for each other against all odds, and I would have liked to have seen a little more of the dynamic between them in a romantic aspect. I wouldn't quite say this lack took away from the story, just something I would have preferred. 

The unique world set up of Altered Destiny made for a pretty decent read despite my frustrations with certain aspects. One thing that did surprise me was the rushed ending, especially when you consider that most of the book progressed at a rather slow pace. I really wish the ending had been given a little bit more time to show a little further look into how things turned out. So, while Altered Destiny was able to keep my attention for the most part, and was entertaining, it isn't something that will leave a lasting impact in the end.

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