Kitty Goes to Washington

, by Kt Clapsadl

Kitty Goes to Washington
Kitty Norville #2

Celebrity werewolf and late-night radio host Kitty Norville prefers to be heard and not seen. So when she's invited to testify at a Senate hearing on behalf of supernaturals, and her face gets plastered on national TV, she inherits a new set of friends, and enemies, including the vampire mistress of the city; an ├╝ber-hot Brazilian were-jaguar; and a Bible-thumping senator who wants to expose Kitty as a monster. Kitty quickly learns that in this city of dirty politicians and backstabbing pundits, everyone's itching for a fight.

On the run from her former pack and the horrors she endured, Kitty has been traveling around the country, only stopping to do her weekly radio show. She's gained the attention of a Senate committee on Supernaturals, and gets subpoenaed to testify. Before this she had kept a pretty low profile, but knows those days are long behind her now. She'll meet a whole new crowd, with her unable to tell friend from foe. If she isn't careful she's gonna get backed into a corner she can't escape from. She will have to trust her instincts if she wants to make it out of this mess.

I knew after the aftermath of the supernatural revealing in the previous book, that the events in Kitty Goes to Washington would be a little messy. World shockers are never easy, and since Kitty has been placed front and center in this debate, you know things are going to be rather rocky for her. Some things happen that I won't spoiled, but I will say that they really shocked me and my heart went out to Kitty. She is just very fortunate in her ability to handle things and turn a bad situation into a manageable one. If only she could see in herself what the readers see, she would have so much more confidence.

I really love getting to see Kitty grow and I think that aspect is as much of the book's focus as the actual plot. She has come such a long way from the scared little cub that she was, but there still is a long road ahead, especially considering the recent events she has endured. She just needs to learn to trust herself and instincts a little more. I guess self acceptance would be the best way to put it. Yes, she is finally starting to come to terms with being a werewolf, but she really needs to make complete peace with her wolf half before she can really shine.

I really enjoyed Kitty Goes to Washington, probably even more that the first book. With the way things played out at the end, I'm really not sure what is going to happen next, but things should be interesting at the very least. I'd recommend these books to anyone who likes a fast reads that's a little on the lighter side, but still has plenty of action to keep you more than entertained.


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  1. thanks for the review, I've juste read the first one, but I think I will buy this one too, it sounds great !


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