2011 Review

, by Kt Clapsadl

2011 was a very busy year here on the blog. It was my first full calendar year of blogging, and I sure have learned a lot. I look forward to another year of book bloggy fun coming up in 2012!

Check 2011 out:

  • Books Read: 301+ 3 books read twice (I wanted to beat last year's total of 300, and while it was tough, I still did it! I didn't start writing full reviews until July of last year, so it was a lot easier to fly through the books. Sometimes writing the review will take longer than it took to read the entire book, but I wouldn't change a thing.)
  • New Authors: I read books from 94 new to me authors this year! Holy cow!
  • Reviews Posted: 176 (Holy Cow! ^^ Remember how I said reviews can take me longer than the books themselves? It's a wonder that my brain isn't all mush after that many reviews!)
  • Challenges Completed: 7 (These are fun, yet stressful at the same time as they are very time consuming to keep up with as far as posting to their pages. I think I'm going to cut back to just the main one of outdoing myself for 2012, as the posting really became a chore, and blogging should be fun!)
  • Author Interviews/Guest Posts: 7
  • Giveaways Hosted: 12
  • I showed off my bookshelf (It has expanded even more than these pics, but that's for next year to show)
  • I switched to Intense Debate Commenting (Which I absolutely love! Also, it has helped me be a better blogger by making it much easier to reply to comments)
  • I learned to say Enough! It was really hard to do, but I made myself start to DNF books that were driving me nuts whereas I used to force myself to finish everything no matter how much I couldn't stand them.
  • On the same premise of Enough! I learned to accept that I am not superwoman, and sometimes I'm just not going to be able to review all the books that are sent to me. Before this decision, I would read and review every book that was sent to me out of a sense of obligation. There were books that I had not requested, and that just showed up that were really not my cup o tea. I've realized that I just can't do it all, and I need to spend my precious reading time on what interests me.
  • Also along those lines I have made a resolution for 2012 to make more time for the books that have been sitting on my TBR pile for a very long time. It is so easy to overlook them when I have shiny new review books coming in all the time, but there are so many older books that I have been dying to read, so I figured it's about time to give them a chance.

So, that's about everything I can think of. How was your 2011 bloggy year?
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