Book Blogger Confessions (2)

, by Kt Clapsadl

This meme is hosted by Tiger from Tiger's All Consuming Books and Karen from For What It's Worth on the first and third Monday of each month.

This week's question: Everyone LOVES that book! Why don't I? How do you handle being the one reviewer who doesn't like a book that's taking the blogosphere by storm? Do you write a review? Pretend you didn't read the book? 

I always rate each book that I have read on Goodreads and add them to my challenge lists. However, I very rarely review the books that take over the blogosphere whether I liked it or not. I just don't feel like there really is anything fresh and original to say after so many other people have written. Also, I don't like to write reviews of books that are hugely buzzed as I'm afraid of that being an outside influence to my opinion. I'd rather write my review without knowing what anyone else thought, and then use comments to discuss other's thoughts. Of course this doesn't apply whenever I had received a review copy in advance, but in those cases, my review is typically written before most of the "buzz" starts to happen. So that outside influence isn't typically a problem.

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