New Bookshelves Pics

, by Kt Clapsadl

My grandparents are redisigning their living room, and they had asked if I would like their hutch cabinet. Of course I jumped at the chance because I love having my books in these types of shelves, and quite frankly, I had run out of room on my other cabinet and shelf. On my Monday wrap-up posts, I had been promising pics, so here they finally are. (Note that this does not include my pile of review copies that are waiting to be read. Those are sitting on my end table in an extremely tall teetering stack.)

Shelf #1 holds all my adult books:
(Click on the images to see larger)

Here's a closer look of shelf #1:




Bookshelf #2 holds most of my YA books:

Closer looks:

Upper Left:

Lower Left:


Upper Right:

Lower Right:

Bookshelf #3 holds the remaining YA books:
(Also, the shelf with the most open room, but somehow I doubt that will last.)

Tada! :)

(My Bookshelf circa 8/2011- can you see how much things have changed?)

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