Early Review: Crimson Frost by Jennifer Estep

, by Kt Clapsadl

Crimson Frost by Jennifer Estep 
Mythos Academy #4

For a moment, a face flashed before my eyes—the most hideous face I’d ever seen. No matter how hard I tried to forget what had happened, I saw him everywhere I went. It was Loki—the evil god that I’d helped set free against my will.

I should have known that my first official date with Logan Quinn was destined to end in disaster. If we’d gotten into a swordfight, or been ambushed by Reapers, I’d have been more prepared. But getting arrested mid-sip at the local coffee hangout? I didn’t see that one coming.

I’ve been accused of purposely helping the Reapers free Loki from his prison—and the person leading the charge against me is Linus Quinn, Logan’s dad. The worst part is that pretty much everyone at Mythos Academy thinks I’m guilty. If I’m going to get out of this mess alive, I’ll have to do it myself…

Despite the major blow dealt to Gwen Frost when Loki was released, she was hoping to steal a few moments of normalcy and go on a date with Logan Quinn. However that just wasn't in the cards as the date turned disastrous when Logan's father, the head of the Protectorate charges Gwen with the crime of setting Loki free and promptly arrests her. It's kind of hard to enjoy a date when one of the pair gets thrown in jail. Even worse, it seems everyone has already decided her guilt and tries to take matters into their own hands. Innocent or not, this gypsy girl may not live to see her own trial.

I have to be honest that I wasn't exactly thrilled about the plot of this book at first. I mean there's more than enough going on with the reaper/Loki business that I just didn't think Gwen being put on trial by the supposed "good guys" was the best direction for the story. Much to my surprise, it took no time at all for me to forget about that annoyance and get sucked into the whirlwind of a story. Perhaps a lot of that has to do with the fact that the reaper stuff never faded to the background, but only added to the threat from the trial. I'm just glad the whole book wasn't just about persecuting Gwen, because honestly the poor girl is probably the last person in the world who deserves that kind of treatment. I am still amazed at her ability to stand strong no matter the odds against her. This especially held true in this installment when everyone who was supposed to be on her side turn terribly against her. Truly an admirable character.

One of my biggest pet peeves with this series has to do with the relationship between Logan and Gwen. In the beginning of it there was a whole lot of teen angst going on, and then once that died down, the relationship barely moved at a snail's pace. So, I was really looking forward to seeing them finally get some time as a real couple in this book. Of course that quickly went out the window since Gwen was arrested in the first chapter. Being guarded 24/7 doesn't really allow for any romance. However, that being said, I could see some real progress between them, which made me really happy. But in true Jennifer Estep style, that happiness was quickly snatched away once Logan made a rather bad decision that will really change things. Without getting into any real details about this, I have to say that I'm incredibly disappointed in him. I may understand his reasons, but that doesn't make it the right decision in my book. Hopefully the boy will redeem himself in the next book, as I've simply lost my faith in him and would really like to see it restored since he really is a great character. I know that was really vague, but I just felt the need to vent a little even if no one understands what I'm talking about until after they read the book.

As I read back over this review, I'm feel like I've been in rant mode, which is funny because I actually really enjoyed Crimson Frost. Everything flowed well and there was plenty of action. I was rather sucked in the whole time, so I really cannot fault the book for my frustrations at the obstacles that were thrown in Gwen's path both physically and emotionally. If things came easy, then the book wouldn't be very entertaining now would it. I guess I'm just a little too attached to Gwen, therefore making me rather outraged on her behalf. So, rants aside, Crimson Frost was a solid installment in the Mythos Academy series that is sure to please fans. I know I'll be waiting rather impatiently for the next installment set to release in August of 2013.

(Received a copy from the publisher)



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