Early Review: How to Seduce an Angel in 10 Days by Saranna DeWylde

, by Kt Clapsadl

How to Seduce an Angel in 10 Days by Saranna Dewylde
10 Days #3


Drusilla “Tally” Tallow does. Both fallen and otherwise because she’s got ten days of Heavenly and Infernal Parole after knocking Falcon Cherrywood from his broom. All she wanted was to settle down with a nice warlock, have babies, and grow old together. But she’s got a bad habit of falling for the wrong warlock. She blames Cupid. Too bad her Heavenly Parole Officer is none other than the heart bandit himself—the newly appointed Cupid and current fixture in all her fantasies, Falcon Cherrywood.

After smiting Cupid with a fireball, Falcon Cherrywood must now play the Diapered Archer. He can’t think of anything more humiliating than flying around in pink wings shooting arrows into hopeless fools. Archery was never his strong suit and Falcon doesn’t even believe in love. But more troubling are the feelings his sinfully irresistible parolee sets off in him—for only Tally has the power to make him believe in things better left to fairy tales, like Happily Ever After.

As part of a rehab program from being possessed by the lamia, Tally has been forced into a 10 day parole period with a representative from both heaven and hell. All she wants to do is forget about her past and move on with her life and settle down with a nice warlock. Unfortunately the only one she has ever wanted is none other than her best friend's brother, Falcon, the newly minted Cupid. Problem is that he is quite possibly the worst cupid ever in that he doesn't believe in love. It's up to Tally to convince him otherwise before it's too late for both of them.

It is really impressive to me that despite the large amount of characters in HOW TO SEDUCE AN ANGEL IN 10 DAYS, each one had their own unique voice and the individual personalities really shone through. In fact not a single one faded to the background. However, that being said a few characters stuck out a bit more than others, specifically the main couple and a demon named Ethelred. I'll focus more on the couple in the next paragraph, but for now I want to feature Ethelred. I really really loved this character. He was just so complex as he definitely had the bad boy evil thing going on since he's a demon. But there also was a whole lot more below the surface. Despite him being on the side of evil, he actually seemed to care about Tally's fate, and while his methods involved some "tough love" he still worked rather hard to help her build her confidence. I really hated the way things turn out for him and I'm hoping there will be another book in this series featuring him as I would love to see him get his happy ever after.

Getting to Falcon and Tally. I really loved these two. I've always had a soft spot for stories where the heroine has secretly loved the hero since childhood. There's just something to be said about how the hero's life gets turned completely upside down once he notices the heroine as a female, and not just another one of the guys. I just enjoy watching the guy fall all over himself with lust and then of course watching that lust slowly transform in to love. As far as Falcon, it was obvious early on that he was head over heels for Tally, especially since he wasn't afraid of her. And trust me he had VERY good reason to be, specifically in the sex department. I also loved that he was quite possibly the worst cupid ever. I just got a real kick out of picturing him during one of his drunk moments donning his pink wings. I couldn't help the snickers. He went through a lot of growth in this book, but I was really impressed with him in the end. However, Tally was the one who really shone as her growth was incredible. She had a lifetime of insecurity to overcome, and I couldn't be more proud of the way she finally started to find herself. In my opinion, this type of theme in a romance book where the couple has to overcome their own obstacles, to be the best kind of romance there is. It just gives the reader a feeling that the characters have truly accomplished something together that will last, and leaves them with a very satisfied feeling.

As much as I love this series, I do have to admit that the world building is a little bit cumbersome at times. There's just so many different characters and sides that made it a bit difficult to follow as I tried to remember their roles from the previous books. Considering how humorous the story is, the "clutter" did detract a bit from the light-heartedness. Even so, HOW TO SEDUCE AN ANGEL IN 10 DAYS, is a fun and sexy read that I would recommend for an afternoon escape. Between the numerous oh so yummy steamy moments to the laugh out loud hilarity, this book is a delight.

(Received a copy from the publisher)




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