Let's Talk With Smash & Kt (19)

, by Kt Clapsadl

Welcome to the Let’s Talk weekly discussion meme!

Originally hosted by Melissa from i swim for oceans, Smash & Kt took her original inspiration, and made it their own, expanding it to more than just books. Let’s get personal (but respectfully so) and learn more about one another!  Each week, a different question will be posted along with a place to link up your posts and visit other people’s responses.This meme is definitely meant to bring out conversation and meet new people. So, Let's Talk!  
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This week's question:

What social media sites/tools do you frequently use? Which ones do you avoid and why?

Between this blog and my job as a publicist, I feel like I'm always connected to social media. The big staples are Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads. I also use Shelfari but that's more for personal book tracking than any socialization.

I've avoided all of the others, simply because the social media I already use sucks up so much of my time. We're talking hours...  From time to time I will look at other people's pins on Pinterest, but I've resisted creating an account since I could easily see myself losing hours to that site.

How about you?

Now I know this isn't really a social media site, but I wanted to share this with you since it has been an amazing help for me.

If you are anything like me, time can be limited, and even though I work from home, typically the very last thing I feel like doing in the evenings is make dinner. A lot of my coworkers are west coast ladies, so things always seem to just be getting into swing around dinner cooking time, and then I'm trying to juggle everything at once. More than one time my laptop has been drug out to the kitchen so I can still work even while stirring a pot. However, once I found the Crockin Girls website, my life became a lot easier most nights of the week. I usually prep the meals in the morning as the kids are getting ready for school and then I can just let it sit and cook all day. That way, whenever the hubby gets in the door, he has a hot meal ready even if my afternoon has turned crazy. More importantly the meal isn't half-assed or burnt like they always seemed to get in my distraction before. Granted, a lot of the recipes require some action in the last 1/2hr to hour of cooking, or require a side dish, but that's no big deal. Especially since microwave steamer veggie bags are your friend. Heck there's some out there that have sauce and pastas in them, making an instant easy side dish. But getting back to the website, there are hundreds of recipes on there, so there's something for everyone, even the pickiest of eaters like my family. Also, there's even some recipes that have "cheater" prep methods for when you are really pressed for time. So go forth and Crock!, your life will become so much easier!

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