Early Review: How to Run With a Naked Werewolf by Molly Harper

, by Kt Clapsadl

How to Run With a Naked Werewolf by Molly Harper
Naked Werewolf #3

Caleb Graham is a werewolf by nature, a tracker by profession. He uses his “extra gifts” to find people, and not always in the most legal or ethical manner. He doesn’t care what they’ve done, or who wants them found, as long as his considerable fee is paid. He likes his life simple and uncomplicated.

Anna Moder, former physician to Caleb’s pack, happens across Caleb during a particularly violent “negotiation” that has left him bloodied and unconscious. She helps him, despite the fact that he’s cost her a car, so he insists that she stay with him on the road for a while. As they grow closer, Anna looks past the gruff exterior and and the questionable job to thoroughly decent werewolf underneath.

Anna – who is careful to edit her involvement with Caleb’s pack from their conversations – doesn’t talk about why a nice girl wants to live in the middle of frozen nowhere, but she’s obviously on the run from something. When Anna’s past collides with Caleb’s current assignment from one of his sleazier contacts, Caleb finally has to make a choice—protect his job…or his potential mate?

Can I just say that I absolutely adore Molly Harper's books? Seriously, every time I hear there will be a new book coming, it's an instant pre-order for me. I just know that each one promises and enjoyable solid block of entertainment that guarantees to make me laugh. That being said, I will admit that this one caught me just a bit off guard at first as the storyline was a bit darker than the previous ones had been. That's not to say that was a bad thing, in fact the opposite is probably true as the added element of suspense that was intermixed in all of the humor kept me even more hooked.

I really adored Anna's character, and she really stole the whole show for me. Of course I loved Caleb as well since he added in the fiercely protective, yet oh so sexy element. But Anna was what really kept me hooked. I just really enjoyed seeing her grow and progress over this book. I can't really talk about everything too much as I think the way things were revealed really made the story so great, and I wouldn't want to spoil any of that. But just suffice it to say that she's on the run, and there's a whole lot of emotional baggage and trust issues there. So it was really awesome to see Caleb slowly break down those walls, and we got to see the real Anna underneath slowly but surely. I really feel like I'm not giving this progression the justice it deserves due to my vagueness, but trust me it's excellent, and worth the wait.

Typically I don't recommend jumping into a series mid-ship as you miss out on all the previous lead up. However in this case, it would be really easy for new readers to jump right into HOW TO RUN WITH A NAKED WEREWOLF as it starts off on the road and outside of the valley, and slowly introduces the reader back into the past history. But be warned, you'll find yourself wanting to go back and start from the beginning, the books are just that good. Trust me, you won't regret the read. A seamless blend of action, steam, danger, and humor, this book is not to be missed!

(Received a copy from the publisher via Edelweiss)



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