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Quarantine by James Phelan
Alone #3

In a dangerous, devastated New York, one 16-year-old Australian boy finds himself alone…

It's now or maybe never sixteen year old Jesse has spent eighteen days in post-apocalyse New York, waiting for help that never comes. He owes it to his new friends, Rachel and Felicity, to go beyond their temporary refuge to find other survivors who may hold the key to escape. Could the collective at Chelsea Piers have the answers or prove to be just another distraction in his quest? Meanwhile, Jesse is burdened with guilt and sadness at the fate of his other friend, Caleb, who has fallen prey to the virus and become a Chaser. So when it emerges that a cure-all serum may be available, Jesse determines to secure it to save his friend. At any cost perhaps even his own future.

Quarantine is the final volume in the Alone series by James Phelan is both the conclusion of the series as well as book that feels unfinished.

With a series, readers hope that events and tension will continue building to some kind of satisfying confrontation and resolution. That was definitely not the case with this book.

Between that and the fact that Jesse's hormones are making him more focused on girls than the fact that he's literally living in a post-apocalyptic world with zombies, the entire series was unsatisfying. A character should develop and grow into something new, if not better, than different, and with Jesse, that wasn't the case. At times he seems more like a boy who should still be in school, and while that’s true, he hasn’t learned from what he’s experienced enough to make him relatable or at times, likeable.

There is enough action to keep the story moving at a steady pace, and conflict between characters ensures not all goes smoothly. However, the ending and other problematic elements of the previous books ended the story in such a way that if there was a continuation of this series, it would be better recommended to someone else.

(Received a copy from the publisher)


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