Review: Liam Takes Manhattan by Thea Harrison

, by Kt Clapsadl

Liam Takes Manhattan by Thea Harrison
Elder Races #9.5

Reeling from a deep loss, the magical prince of the Wyr, Dragos and Pia’s son Liam Cuelebre, turns inward and withdrawn as he struggles to come to terms with who he is, along with the challenges that lie before him.

Hoping to ease his heartache and offer comfort, a concerned Dragos and Pia offer him a gift, something he has desired for a long time. Liam’s response has a ripple effect across all of New York. Soon miracles of all kinds start arriving just in time for Christmas, along with a visit from a mysterious person who gives Liam hope and a vision of his future.

I love this series, and all the characters, but Dragos/Pia/Liam hold a special place for me. So this novella trilogy has been a real treat, and I especially enjoyed Liam's story rounding things out. His incredibly rapid growth made him a bit of an unknown, and this peek inside his head really opened things up. I mean abstractly while he showed to be very intelligent and extremely fast developmentally, both I and Pia/Dragos still saw him as only a child. But what else could you expect when you consider that technically he's less than a year old. This novella while incredibly short showed a turning point for Liam, and paved the way for full novel(s) from his perspective. After reading this and the previous two installments in this novella trilogy, I'm only more desperate for the next book in this fantastic series, a sure sign of a great read. A perfect bonus treat for fans of the series, LIAM TAKES MANHATTAN is not to be missed.

(Received a copy from the author)


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