Ordinary Angels

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Ordinary Angels by India Drummond

 Most of Zoë’s friends are dead, but she doesn’t mind because they died long before she met them. Then one Tuesday night an angel takes her salsa dancing and turns her world upside down. Grim reality closes in when she discovers a body in her company’s boiler room and Higher Angels accuse her best ghost friend of murder. Knowing she’s the only one who can stand against them, Zoë resorts to lying, stealing and summoning. In the end, getting blood on her hands forces Zoë to question herself.

Zoe has always kept herself a little apart from others, well at least the living ones. She has the rare ability to see and communicate with ghosts, making them her best friends and normal people thinking she is crazy. Her life takes an interesting turn when an angel named Alexander shows up. She knows from the start he isn't human but finds herself drawn to him anyway. When she stumbles across a body at her work place, her best-friend, a ghost, is accused of the murder. Zoe quickly gets wrapped up in the thick of things, knowing she will do just about anything to save her friend, making her wonder just who she really is.

Aside from her ghostly friends, Zoe pretty much is an introvert. Alexander on the other hand is very out going, but also is almost childlike as a result of his inexperience with the "human" world. As unlikely of a couple as they would seem, there definitely some major chemistry going on between Alexander and Zoe. While their relationship moved very quickly, I found it to be realistic and did not feel rushed or forced, making their relationship very enjoyable to read about.

The book had a slightly slow start, but did pick up as it went on. I did find the lack of knowledge Zoe was given to be a little frustrating. Eventually things did become a little more clear, and I realized that the Angels were just a secretive bunch in general; they weren't singling her out. I found their actual purpose to be fascinating as everything you thing about Angels just doesn't apply to them. They almost remind me of what you would think a Djinn to be like with a few differences making them a very interesting "people."

While this book ended on a happy note with a sense of completeness, it also enough things unanswered to make me anxious for the next book. The biggest question has to do with the potential repercussions of a major turn in Zoe's life. I won't say what it is because that would spoil things, but I cannot wait to see what this change means for her in the future and what choices she would make because of it. All in all I enjoyed the book, as it had just the right amount of danger, steaminess, and action to more than hold my interest.You'll definitely want to check out this great debut novel.

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