Twilight Prophecy (Early Review)

, by Kt Clapsadl

Twilight Prophecy by Maggie Shayne
Wings in the Night #17
(Children of Twilight)

Save the Vampire, Save the World.

According to ancient prophecy, there’s only one chance to avert the complete annihilation of the Undead. Twins James William and Brigit Poe, part human, part vampire, believe that they are that chance. In truth, the key lies with the reclusive—and mortal—scholar Lucy Lanfair.

As Armageddon approaches, anti-vampire sentiment fuels a war neither side can win, driving James to abandon his moral code and draw Lucy into a deadly battle she wants no part of. But Lucy soon realizes that she holds this powerful immortal’s soul in her hands and that it’s her destiny not only to stop a war but to save him from his inner darkness. If she fails, his race will die—and so will her heart. Is the power of love strong enough to save the world?

James and Brigit have always known they were special being the only two of their kind, born vampires with only a quarter of humanity in them. However, when a prophecy comes to light pointing at them being the salvation of their people, they realize this is what their true purpose was. However, they will need help, specifically in the form of a mortal named Lucy. James has to go against everything he believes in when he forces her to help them against their will. It doesn't take her long to realize that she actually cares about whether they live or die, and that she is falling for him. She's the only one who can balance him, but will that knowledge come too late?

James and Lucy, at first glance would seem to be very unlikely couple as they come from such different worlds. He's a very unique vampire, in that he is also human, and that he has a very special set of gifts. He has spent his life trying to deny his heritage and almost views his vampiric side as monstrous. Lucy on the other hand is a brilliant yet recluse archeologist who has only been living half a live due to a horrendous past. As time goes on and the two interact more, you realize that they really are not that different at all. They both have been running from themselves, and it seems they are the perfect match to get the other to open up and see themselves more clearly. The progression was very realistic between them, and I am glad that things were not rushed, as falling right into bed would never have fit either of their characters.

I really enjoyed the world behind this book, and the uniqueness of the three quarter vampire twins. I've read plenty of books with full and half vampires, but nothing like James and Lucy's heritage. Considering the impossibility of their birth due to a vampire's sterility, it is no wonder they are destined to be both the savior and the destroyer of their kind. I especially liked how the twins were almost a ying yang aspect with balancing the other. However, there was one difference as there wasn't a clear cut line between who was the savior and the destroyer. Of course appearances would point a certain way, but those can be deceiving, making for a very interesting combination.

While this book is part of a long ongoing series, I had no trouble picking it up and understanding the world and all of the character's roles. It works very well as a stand alone novel, and tied things up well for the hero and heroine at the end. However, it did leave an almost cliffhanger aspect involving the overall plot that I am sure will be continued in the next book. The cliffhanger wasn't enough to frustrate me with the wait, it was more along the lines of an enticement to want to pick up the next one. I actually like this as I sometimes need a little nudge to pick up the next book in series where the main focus of hero/heroine switches, as I am always attacked to the previous ones. All in all it was a very good read with a realistic romance that will leave you wanting more in the end.

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