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Stormwalker by Allyson James
Stormwalker #1

Janet Begay is a Stormwalker, capable of wielding the raw elemental power of nature, a power that threatens to overwhelm her. Only her lover, Mick, is able to calm the storm within her - even as their passion reaches unimaginable heights of ecstasy.

But when an Arizona police chief's daughter is taken by a paranormal evil, they find themselves venturing where no human can survive-for only together can they overcome the greatest danger they've ever faced.

Janet, a powerful Stormwalker, has been running from her past and a mother who wants to enslave her for her evils purposes for a very long time. However, when she gets a job to investigate a suspicious disappearance near her mother's reach, she knows it's time to step up and face her "demons." She'll need the help of her long absent lover, Mick as well as some tricks up her sleeve to resist temptation and take down the greatest force of evil she's ever known.

From the start of the book it is obvious that Janet is still head over heels in love with Mick even though she left him over five years ago. So when he showed back up in her life it came at no surprise that she couldn't help herself but to let him stay. I really love the tension between the two as they both try to fight their own natures to be with one another. The heat between them practically sizzles right off the page, yet even the great physical chemistry has a hard time bridging the huge chasm between them. Janet is a very independent person who needs honesty and trust in a relationship and for her man to treat her as an equal. Mick is very secretive by nature and wants to protect Janet so much that he winds up smothering her. The couple has more than enough issues to keep them apart, but I can't help but hope they will be able to keep it together as they make for one awesome team, both in the bedroom and outside of it.

The world behind this book is really fascinating. It appears that the supernatural are "out of the closet," but that a lot of people refuse to acknowledge nor believe in it, even when unexplainable things are shoved right in their face. The characters are full of depth, both the main and the supporting ones, making me care for all of them. I found Mick's true nature to be absolutely fascinating. I won't say what that is, but I will say that it knocks his sexiness up tenfold. The twist with Nash, the hard-ass Sheriff kept things interesting. All these parts added together made this a really great read. 

This book read very quickly as I just could not put it down. It had the perfect blend of romance, heat, action and character development to keep me coming back for more. Things were wrapped up well in the end, but I can't help but wonder if the solution was only a temporary one. Huge evils like the one Janet and Mick faced don't go down easy, and they have a nasty habit of coming back after you thought you already "saved the day." I'm very eager to read the next installment for hopefully some more great action between Janet and Mick. If you like a book that has plenty of spice but still has a great plot, then this one is for you.


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  1. Great review!! I have this on my TBR pile like I mentioned in my comment on Firewalker! Can't wait to read it!

    I had gotten Firewalker on sale at a closing Borders so I had to go track down this one so I could read book 1 first!

  2. I finally got this one, and I am so excited to read it. I'm a huge fan of Rachel Caine's Weather Warden series and I was psyched to find similar books. I'm glad the characters are full of depth and the world is uber cool. Thanks for the insight!

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