Bite Marks

, by Kt Clapsadl

Bite Marks by Jennifer Rardin
Jaz Parks #6

Jaz Parks here. But I'm not alone. I'm hearing voices in my head - and they're not mine.

The problem, or maybe the solution, is work. And the job's a stinker this time -- killing the gnomes that are threatening to topple NASA's Australian-based space complex. Yeah, I know. Vayl and I should still be able to kick this one in our sleep. Except that Hell has thrown up a demon named Kyphas to knock us off track. And damn is she indestructible!

Vayl and Jaz's assignment is of the utmost importance. If they fail, NASA's entire infrastructure will crumble leaving one heck of mess in its wake. The job should have been just another notch in their belts, but when Cassandra's Demon comes out to play things get a little hairy as she is one heck of a force to be reckoned with. Add in some crazy voices in Jaz's head, and you have one heck of bumpy ride that may just lead to disaster for this assassin team. They haven't failed a mission yet, but this one may be the one to knock them down. Permanently.

Something I have loved about this series is that while it is full of action and high stakes, there also is plenty of humor and witty comments from the characters. This book however took the humor to a whole new level, yet still maintained that sense of looming danger making it one heck of a ride. Between Cole's kangaroo issues and Jaz's conversations with the "crew" her head, I can't count how many times I burst out laughing. There was another hilarious aspect that was a new element to the series. I won't say too much to keep from spoiling things, but just wait till you meet Jaz's new cat. She sure has one heck of "personality" that will leave you in tears from laughing so hard. 

Jaz and Vayl's relationship is still growing and there are some trust issues on Jaz's part. However, since she is literally what you would call damaged goods, I imagine full trust is still a long ways off. She has either lost or been betrayed by everyone she has ever cared about in her entire life, so it is no wonder none of this comes easy. She also has a tendency to let her temper over run her and jump the gun in certain situations. However, this is all why Vayl is the perfect match for her as he calms her fire and stays the voice of reason she so desperately needs at times. It also seems like Cole has finally realized he just wasn't they guy for her, and is taking it with his usual sense of humor. Which of course causes problems of its own, but at least he isn't trying to come between them anymore. 

This book had a whole lot going on. Between Jaz's possession, the gnomes and their plot to destroy NASA, and a Demon that is bent on dragging Cassandra to Hell, I barely had time to catch a breath. A lot of series by this point can give a sense of deja vu with the dangers just seeming to be a rehashment of previous ones. This is definitely not the case in these books, and I really admire the author's ability to keep things fresh. Bite Marks is a must read that will suck you right in and make you desperate for more. I'd recommend having the next book ready as you won't want a delay in being able to dive into reading it. Definitely another great installment in a fantastic Urban Fantasy series!


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  1. Great review. Something else I notice about this series is that they have light colored covers. Most books in this genre seem to be super dark with black or red backgrounds.

  2. @Alexis I love these covers! In fact my mom was going through my bookshelf to see what she wanted to borrow next and she was instantly drawn to these based on the white covers.


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