Cinderella Ninja Warrior

, by Kt Clapsadl

Cinderella Ninja Warrior by Maureen McGowan
Twisted Tales #1

In this fast-paced story full of adventure and romance, Cinderella is more than just a servant girl waiting for her prince—she's a tough, fearless girl who is capable of taking charge of a dangerous situation. Seeking to escape the clutches of her evil stepmother, Cinderella perfects her ninja skills and magic talents in secret, waiting for the day when she can break free and live happily ever after. In a special twist, readers have the opportunity to make key decisions for Cinderella and decide where she goes next—but no matter the choice; the result is a story unlike any fairy tale you've ever read!

I've always wondered why Cinderella never ran away from home as her life couldn't have really gotten any worse if she did. Well, this book finally answered that question for me. She never escaped because her stepmother was a very powerful wizard who used black magic to entrap her. Cinderella also isn't as meek and mild as she has seemed in the past fairy tales. She is actually very strong willed and tries to make the best of an impossible situation. Her determination and strength are nothing short of admirable as most would have crumbled under the horrific treatment she was subjected to. I also really liked how she didn't swoon over the idea of a prince, but fell for a messenger instead. Even when he kept pushing the idea of winning the prince over, she would just smile and tell him he was all she wanted, making her even more worthy of her happy ending.

This book follows a set of twists and turns that will allow you to chose Cinderella's path. However, there is no wrong choice as you are guaranteed a very happy ending. While this book is more geared towards a younger audience, it was still pretty entertaining to me. There is enough action to more than keep the reader's interest as well as just the right amount of romance to ensnare the reader into hoping Cinderella survives her plight and gets the guy in the end. Tweens and younger teens should enjoy this book and the message of inner strength and beauty is sure to please the adults in their family. 

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  1. The idea of ninja Cinderella is classic. I like books that balance action and romance. Definitely a good book for tweens.

  2. I like a book with strong female characters and think it's important for girls. I never like the original story because Cinderella was so meek had to be rescued.

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