Bitten in Two

, by Kt Clapsadl

Bitten in Two by Jennifer Rardin
Jaz Parks #7

Jaz Parks here. I. Am. Pissed. Just as Vayl and I arrive in Morocco to secure an ancient artifact, he wakes up calling me by another woman’s name. And it’s not even a good one. But since any form of argument transforms him into an unholy terror, I’m forced to play along until the gang and I can figure out what kind of power has so vastly altered his perceptions.

So it’s time for me to do what any well-trained assassin in my position might do. I attack. What follows is a hair-raising, breath-taking bullet train ride to the finish as the crew battles on multiple fronts. I now know what I have to do – I must return to hell one last time.

Now that Jaz is possessed, she and Vayl have been scrambling to find a way to "cure" her. They may have found the way in an ancient artifact that is located in Morocco. They thought it would be a simple smash and grab, but someone has tampered with Vayl's memory. He wakes up with him mind way back in the past, thinking Jaz is actually his very large housekeeper. She and the rest of the gang must play along less risk his destructive rath. It is a race against the clock to save both herself and Vayl as neither one has long to live if they can't defeat the various fronts they are battling.

This book had a slightly different feel to it as the group wasn't on an actual assassination mission. Their objective was to get a device that will get Brute out of Jaz's head as time seems to be running short. Of course complications ensued, just like they always do, yet the gang has never once thought about giving up. The beginning was slightly rough as Vayl wasn't on board with the mission as he had no memory of anything that has happened since the 1700s. I actually missed Vayl being the top dog in the situation. He is usually the one keeping Jaz's head level, yet the roles were reversed. It definitely made for one heck of an interesting situation to say the least.

Wow, talk about a major road block in Vayl and Jaz's relationship. I still can't believe Jaz didn't just wind up strangling him when he woke up thinking she was another woman, and had no memory of who she really was. I realize Cassandra warned her that she must play along with the "game" or Vayl could be permanently damaged. However, Jaz isn't always the one to see reason when she is angry and being called another woman by the mans she loves, well that is right up there in nuclear proportions to setting off her temper. I cannot count the number of times that the rest the gang had to pull her from attacking him. Granted, he was being a major jerk to her, as he was mentally stuck back in the 1700s, and apparently he was not a very nice vampire back then. 

I'm giving this a four start rating due to the fact that the first third of the book was rather confusing. We were thrown into the middle of the situation with Vayl's lost memory yet not given any information. The rest of the characters were playing their parts, and they knew what was going on. So, it was frustrating to be left in the dark for such a long period of time. Otherwise, the book was everything I have come to expect in this series, full of high stakes, danger, romance, and just the right amount of humor to keep me coming back for more. Definitely another highly rated installment in this wonderful series that you won't want to miss!


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