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I loved the first installment in the Time series, so I was so excited to get my hands on the second book. The author, Elisa Paige was kind enough to do an interview for the blog here. Make sure you check out my review. Enjoy!

*In Killing Time the focus is on a new couple, but we still get to see a little bit of the characters from the first book. Was it hard to switch perspectives? 

When I made the decision that each book would be told from a different character’s perspective, I’d wondered if it would be difficult switching when I moved on to write the next in the series. But what I found was that the voices in my head had changed – wow, that sounds psychotic! The conclusion of each book works for me because those characters’ stories are told and their major issues are (mostly) resolved, which leaves me feeling free to move on.

*I imagine switching the perspectives helps keep things "fresh" so you don't get bored writing. How many books do you have planned for this series and who will be the focus next?

Siska and Nic have been yammering away in my thoughts for months, so Book 3: Burning Time, will be theirs.
I haven’t consciously planned the number of books in the Time series, but know that the fourth book will tell Jack and Kate’s story – I feel terrible about their tragic situation and want to make it right. As well, another character is beginning to take shape in the back of my mind. So…at least two more!

*Ooo I can't wait to read about Siska and Nic. I love them! You have another series, The Texas Fae. Are there more books in the works?

Book 1 is Maelstrom and Book 2 is Shadowplay. Definitely, there’s a Book 3, tentatively titled Tempest. The storyline picks up immediately upon Shadowplay’s conclusion and, like each of my books, is from a new character’s perspective. The opening scene was so vivid to me, that I wrote the first three chapters to make sure I could easily return to it when I pick it up again.

*How do you choose your character names?

I start by keeping lists of names that catch my fancy. Pages and pages of hand-scrawled names for men, women, children, animals, even towns. 

As well, I research copiously – thank goodness for Google! – and am fanatical about ensuring that the names are appropriate to the individual’s personal history, culture, and, in some cases, century of origin. The name must also fit the character’s personality. 

I have great fun naming supernatural creatures, especially those whose species I invented. One such example is Killing Time’s heroine, Sephti. Because her name means “Second,” I searched foreign languages online for inspiration. Combining elements of numeric words from Romanian (┼čapte), Proto-Brythonic (seht), and Devonian (seith), I arrived at Sephti. 

I followed a similar process for naming the main character in Shadowplay, Mia Rien. “Mia” is Hebrew and means “bitter,” and “Rien” means “nothing” in French. So Shadowplay’s heroine is named Bitter Nothing, an indication of her royal father’s ghastly approach to parenting.

As for Maelstrom’s Amalie Shepherd, “Amalie” means “work” or “effort,” and Shepherd came to mind because she watches over the humans in Fundy, Texas. “Varenne,” the name her family calls her, means “guardian” – also appropriate for Amalie’s personality. As well, I liked that her human friends shortened her name to Ammie, which is very similar to “amie,” the French word for “friend.”

*That is really interesting! If Killing Time were to be made into a movie, who would be your top picks for the cast?

There are so many talented Native American actors, this is a tough question to answer. Jay Tavare, the handsome brothers Eddie and Michael Spears, Eric Schweig, Rodney Grant… Having any of these men play Koda, Siska, and Ahanu would be beyond wonderful. The actor I’d love to see play Waneta is Mike Phillips (best known as the sachem in “Last of the Mohicans”).

Remembering that the Dark Fae bio-engineered Sephti to be deeply alluring, Megan Fox – every teenage boy’s fantasy – comes to mind. Moon Bloodgood would make an excellent US Deputy Marshal Nic Harfang.

And Hugh Jackman as James. Sigh.

Koda, Siska, and Ahanu:




*Wow! Great picks for the cast! If you could tell readers one thing about yourself or your books what would that be?

My books are the most deeply personal endeavors I’ve ever attempted. Having others read them is both intoxicating and terrifying.

*What are some of your favorite books in the paranormal genre?

I’m crazy about Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggs, Karen Chance, Darynda Jones, Chloe Neill, and Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series. Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden books are among my favorites. And I’ve just recently discovered Jeaniene Frost – Bones has me hooked – and Carrie Vaughn.

Magic Bites (Kate Daniels, Book 1)Moon Called (Mercy Thompson)Touch the Dark (Cassandra Palmer, Book 1)First Grave on the Right (Charley Davidson, Book 1)Some Girls Bite (Chicagoland Vampires, Book 1)Darkfever (Fever Series, Book 1)Storm Front (The Dresden Files, Book 1)Halfway to the Grave (Night Huntress, Book 1)Kitty and the Midnight Hour (Kitty Norville, Book 1) 

*Those are some of my favorite books as well. I don't blame you for being hooked by Bones. *Fans self* Could you tell us a little about you?

Writers usually cringe a bit when asked about ourselves – our characters always seem so much more interesting! But here goes… I was born, raised, and educated in Virginia. I lived in Chicago and Seattle briefly. But having spent most of my life in Texas, I consider the Lone Star State home. Hmm, what else? I’m a single parent, blessed to have a sweet, talented, wickedly smart daughter. My big brother is my best friend, his wife is the sister I never had, and I’m thrilled that they live five minutes from my house. Mom and Dad live twenty minutes away and are as feisty and devoted and amusingly exasperating as an adult child could ever hope for.

*That is great that your family is so close. I don't know what I would do without mine :) What are your passions other than reading or writing?

Horses, especially Andalusians, and power volleyball. I also love cultural anthropology and ancient history, which means I read my Smithsonian and National Geographic magazines cover to cover when they arrive in the mail. Zombie movies. And going target shooting with my brother.

*What is the craziest or at least most interesting thing you have ever done?

The craziest thing was to lead a “raid” on the administrative buildings at Washington and Lee University. It was the first year W&L allowed female students and I was one of five juniors participating in a year-long exchange program on campus. About mid-term, my team of commandos (all J-School students like me) had spent far too many all-nighters in the newsroom, writing articles, eating stale pizza, and drinking even staler beer. For some reason which I no longer recall, we decided to see if we could get past campus security’s patrols and sneak into the admin buildings. Not with any nefarious intent – we just wanted to see if it could be done.

So we donned black hooded sweats and one of the football player’s greasepaint to darken our faces. After fortifying ourselves with more stale beer, we crept outside around 3 a.m. While we successfully dodged the security guards on their rounds – a miracle in itself since we were struggling with drunken hilarity – we didn’t get into even one building. The closest we came was spotting a third-story window that had been left open; by this time, however, we’d sobered up enough to realize clambering up the closest tree was more likely to end with a hospital visit…a suboptimal conclusion to the evening’s fun.

*Haha! Sounds like a goodnight! Just for fun. If you were stranded somewhere but had electric, what three things other than basic survival supplies, would you have to have? 

Besides my daughter? Easy. My Kindle and the ability to download books at will. My iPhone for downloading music. And a truckload of Starbucks canned Doubleshots.

*Finish this statement: "You'll like Killing Time if..."

…you enjoy strong characters who are not perfect, individuals whose supernatural powers are more often a curse than a blessing, a tough heroine who doesn’t have all the answers, a sexy hero who’s not so alpha that he can’t try something new, steamy romance, and lots of action and intrigue.

Thanks so much for the interview!

Author Info:

 Although my training and background are primarily nonfiction — newspaper reporter, editor, freelance writer, and nonfiction pubbed author — I’ve always had a passion for urban fantasy.

While in college, I carried a double major, a minor, worked four internships, and served as a European exchange student – solid preparation for juggling family, work, daily life, and writing, writing, writing.

I’m a self-avowed caffeine addict with no intentions of jumping off the Java Wagon. Between massive quantities of Starbucks Doubleshots, Skittles, and frozen M&Ms, those 3 a.m. nights are (mostly) manageable.

I live in Texas with my family, Andalusian horses, four five cats, and a Cu Sith wannabe named Daisy.

Find Elisa online:

Genetically engineered warrior Sephti would go to any lengths to destroy the fae that made her their killing machine. Finally escaping servitude, she has meticulously planned revenge against her former masters, and time is running out. The last thing she needs is to be taken captive by a man who hates the fae as much as she does—and thinks she’s one of them.

Sephti learns her captor is Koda, an ancient Native American guardian determined to save his people from annihilation by the fae. Though he seems to loathe everything about Sephti, she can’t help noticing his incredible strength and powerful sensual allure.

As their distrust turns to desire, Sephti and Koda become allies. But their love will have to withstand their enemies’ supernatural onslaught—and Sephti’s planned suicide mission against the fae….
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