Killing Time (Early Review)

, by Kt Clapsadl

Killing Time by Elisa Paige
Time #2

 Genetically engineered warrior Sephti would go to any lengths to destroy the fae that made her their killing machine. Finally escaping servitude, she has meticulously planned revenge against her former masters, and time is running out. The last thing she needs is to be taken captive by a man who hates the fae as much as she does—and thinks she’s one of them.

Sephti learns her captor is Koda, an ancient Native American guardian determined to save his people from annihilation by the fae. Though he seems to loathe everything about Sephti, she can’t help noticing his incredible strength and powerful sensual allure.

As their distrust turns to desire, Sephti and Koda become allies. But their love will have to withstand their enemies’ supernatural onslaught—and Sephti’s planned suicide mission against the fae…

Sephti has had a horrible life, if you can even call the atrocities she has had to deal with a life, rather she has just existed with only one purpose; to destroy the fae who made her into what she is. Unfortunately she falls into the hands of a man who has reason to hate the fae almost as much as she does. You would think they would make a good pair to team up against their enemies, but there is one problem. Koda thinks she is one of the fae and seems to hate her with a burning passion. Surprisingly Sephti feels another sort of passion towards him, one that she isn't sure how to deal with, especially when he seems to start to feel the same way. With a love that may just be doomed from the start, these two have a very rough road ahead as they are thrown into the middle of a war greater than this world has ever seen.

I really enjoyed the romance between Koda and Sephti. They are so very different from each other and to be honest it almost seems like a miracle that they would even have the chance to start an attraction considering his extreme but justified hatred of all things fae, and her similarities to them. I'm actually surprised he just didn't outright kill her from the start, but am so very glad that he didn't The progression in their relationship was slow and steady and the author did a fantastic job of moving things along slow enough to be realistic considering their beginning circumstances, yet also keeping things from getting too frustrating at a lack of progress. I love a book where you are invested enough to become frustrated with the characters, yet the gratification isn't too long off, and Killing Time really fits that bill.

I did have a slight issue with Killing Time. There was one whopper of a cliffhanger at the end of Stealing Time, with the main gang being under siege. I had expected this book to pick things up right where they left off, or at least give us a clear picture as to how things worked out. Don't get me wrong we get a general idea of the outcome of who survives, but not what actually happened. Also it seemed that more happened in the final battle that we didn't see in the first book but was introduced at the beginning of this one. So I was a little confused at first, but it didn't inhibit my attachment to the characters or the story once things got going. I guess I just would have preferred a slightly smoother transition for lack of a better word, but in the end it all worked out anyway, so as I said, this is only a minor complaint.

While Stealing Time was a blend of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance, it leaned more towards the romance side of things, whereas Killing Time leans a little more towards Urban Fantasy. Of course there is plenty of attraction and romance between Koda and Sephti, but the steaminess was just a little less. However, the action and danger more than filled my attention that I didn't miss the extra steaminess of its predecessor. I'm really glad I got a chance to read Killing Time as I thoroughly enjoyed it. Elisa Paige is a fantastic writer that you will want to keep a watch out for. This was the fourth novel I have read of hers and I cannot wait to read many more (hopefully) in the future.

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