My Bookshelf

, by Kt Clapsadl

So, I finally got around to taking pictures of my bookshelf. I've almost run out of room. Which is really not good, as I don't have anywhere to start a new one. This of course doesn't include the books on my kindle, which is reaching an obscene amount ;)

Here is the entire Shelf:

Here's a closer look:

Upper Left:

Lower Left:


Upper Right:

Lower Right:

Tada! :)


  1. Thanks for the picture tour! They are really full. I'm not sure where you can put anymore. I was wondering if there was any rhyme or reason to them but then I noticed they will alphabetical.

  2. Wow that's a great shelf. Do you have any room in the drawer? Maybe you can stack them spin up or is that for non-book items?

  3. That IS a great shelf! I love how it is organized. I was also going to suggest the drawers?

    I came across this blog post about decorating with books yesterday. Maybe that could be your next move once your bookself is too full?

  4. @Ambur Yeah it is a little hard to follow the organization at first. I have the Hardcovers and Trade Paperbacks in the back layer alphabetical. The MM paperbacks in the front are also alphabetical on their own. The center shelf is basically books I pulled out for ascetics. (Matching sets, etc)

    @Sandy Actually the drawers are full of duplicate books, ARC copies, swag, etc. I'm out of luck there.

    @Bonnie Thanks for the link! Those are some good ideas.

  5. Very impressive bookshelves! I'm kind of envious of the shelving unit that you have; it's really stylish!

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