Magic on the Line (Early Review)

, by Kt Clapsadl

Magic on the Line by Devon Monk
Allie Beckstrom #7

Allison Beckstrom has willingly paid the price of pain to use magic, and has obeyed the rules of the Authority, the clandestine organization that makes-and enforces-all magic policy. But when the Authority's new boss, Bartholomew Wray, refuses to believe that the sudden rash of deaths in Portland might be caused by magic, Allie must choose to follow the Authority's rules, or turn against the very people for whom she's risked her life.

To stop the plague of dark magic spreading through the city, all that she values will be on the line: her magic, her memories, her life. Now, as dead magic users rise to feed upon the innocent and the people closest to her begin to fall, Allie is about to run out of options.

Allie has played the good little soldier as best she could despite not ever really knowing who to trust in the all controlling Authority. She and a few others have formed a tight bond that has proven unbreakable in the past. However, if the new leader of the Authority has his way, they all will be mindless and incapable of  using any magic. So, it comes really at no surprise when he simply ignores the plague of magical deaths sweeping across the city. She, and those closest to her will have to lay everything on the line to try and protect the innocent people of the city, because no one else will.

I should have known things wouldn't be any easier even though Allie and the gang now know who was behind all the chaos in the past. In Magic on the Line there is a serious case of jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. The new leader of the Authority doesn't believe a word they say and is determined to clean up their "mess". Never mind that none of it was their fault, they are just in his way, as he proves when he removes them all one by one in exchange for his own flunkies. The joke is on him however, as I just don't see him lasting long in direct opposition to Allie and her friends. Of course she'll play nice at first, but it won't take long for her to snap, and she's proven time and time again that you really don't want to mess with her. So, while there wasn't a whole lot of butt kicking action in Magic on the Line, I have a feeling Allie will more than make up for that as her frustrations boil over, and the reader will just be along for the ride in the next book. 

Magic on the Line opened up a whole new depth to the world behind the series. Prior to this point, I, like Allie, had thought the Authority was a small organization with only a few select members in any given city. Boy, how wrong were we both! Sufice it to say that it is much, much larger, with reaches that are quite staggering. Typically, by this point in a series, you wouldn't expect such a surprise based on the world end of things. By throwing this game changer in there, and pulling it off well, Devon Monk proves yet again just how talented of an author she really is. 

Magic on the line is the seventh installment in a nine book series, so things are on their final stretch now. I'm going to be really sad to say goodbye, but I'll be honest that I am also incredibly eager to get my hands on the next two installments. Things really ended in a major mess at the end of this book, and I can only imagine the wild ride that must be in store to try and set things right. The implications of where things are heading have the potential to impact an incredible amount. To be honest, I'm not quite sure how much longer the Authority will be able to stay hidden in secret. I'm very excited about this possibility because nothing could make Allie (or me) happier than to see them crumble. I guess we will just have to wait and see. *crosses fingers* So, all in all, Magic on the Line was a fantastic read that will grab you from the very start and not let go, making it yet another installment that proves this fantastic series won't be losing steam before its time.

(Received a copy from the publisher)


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  1. I'm so glad you liked it ! I just can't wait to read it I love this series. Awesome review !

  2. I have reserved Magic on the Hunt from library today so hopefully I wont have long to wait.

    I kinda skimmed this review incase I learned something:D



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