Magic on the Storm

, by Kt Clapsadl

Magic on the Storm by Devon Monk
Allie Beckstrom Series #4

After two uneventful months, Allie and Zayvion get the phone call about danger they have been dreading. They knew the peace could not last with the Authority splitting into factions causing a brewing war, and something would bring everything to a head. What they did not count on was a Wild Magical storm to be brewing. In the last storm Allie tapped into it and saved Zayvion's life, but that came at a very steep cost, a month in a coma and almost cost her life. It is unusual for them to have prior notice of the storms, and all indications point this to being a storm to destroy the entire city. It is up to Allie and Zayvion to band with the rest of the Authority if there is to be any chance at saving the city.

In this book Allie's father isn't quite as prevalent, but when he is there he doesn't seem to be as bad as he used to be. We started to see another side to him, one that actually cares for Allie, but even more so, his pregnant wife, Violet. I think Allie is finally coming to terms with the fact that she cannot be truly rid of her father and must find a way to work with him to protect the ones they care about. The storm and the war really rip everything to shreds, and the fate of the Authority and magic is left in the balance. Allie has to make a tough decision at the end which shows her true devotion to Zayvion, but leaves us with a pretty big cliffhanger. In the next book it looks like Allie is in for the fight not only for her life, but more so Zayvion's as well.

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  1. Really nice reviews for the books. I wasn't fond of the first one, but maybe I'll try the second and see if it's more my flavor.


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